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MATTER OF BEER: Last sips of summer

Beers to have on hand and last summer events to attend before fall
Ile Sauvage Lunar Lager 12 Pack. (Photo Supplied)

As August rolls around, the feeling like summer’s running out can’t help but creep into our minds. The best way to respond to that feeling is to get outside and enjoy yourself while you still can, especially with friends and family. Here are some ways to soak it all in, from better options of brews to have on hand to a look at some of the last brewery events of the summer.

If you’re staying close to home in your own backyard, it’s nice to keep a drink of choice on hand that you know anyone can enjoy. It’s also a good idea when getting together to not necessarily over-complicate things with a fancy bottle from the cellar.

More and more breweries are offering 12 packs of their lighter lagers and pilsners, but those typically came from larger craft breweries until recently. A few smaller breweries have also gotten into them, including Ile Sauvage with their Lunar Lager, full of aromas of passion fruit and guava and a crisp, clean lager finish. You might also notice its packaging may remind you of a certain beer from your past (or present), which should likely win a few people over.

Driftwood Brewing Swash Box. (Photo Supplied)

Did you get an invite for a barbecue, party, or hang out with friends? Mixed packs are a perfect way to offer variety and give people a chance to try something new. Driftwood offers their Swash Box, a mixed-pack of hoppy and flavourful beers, including the always classic Fat Tug alongside their Pale Ale, Raised by Wolves, and Naughty Hildegard. This 8-pack of tall cans is full of flavour and a perfect addition to an afternoon with friends.

Finally, there are the options where the decisions have already happened. An easy choice for this month is Lighthouse Brewing’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, happening Aug. 19 at the brewery. With no charge to get in and six hours of entertainment from 3 p.m. - 9 p.m., you can expect live music, food, and a wide selection of current and possibly resurrected brews honouring a quarter-century of brewing. With this being the first birthday party since reopening their renovated taproom, it should be a great afternoon in Esquimalt.

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Lighthouse Brewing Anniversary Party. The 25th anniversary celebration takes place Aug. 19 at the brewery. (Photo Supplied)