LEO – Georgia Nichols’ predictions for 2016

Leo your year ahead for 2016

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

“Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”

Neil Armstrong (Aug. 5, 1930 to Aug. 25, 2012)

Does your Past Predict Your Future?

Do you remember stepping out into the world with kudos for your achievements in 1991? Soon your earnings took a boost, but partnerships were brutal. (Groan.) Around 1994, your home improved or your family expanded. In 1999/2000, years of work started to come to fruition; and travel, publishing, the media and medicine looked good. However, what happened in 2003-04? Suddenly, you had to let go of people, places and possessions. (‘Stick a fork in me, Lord – I’m done!’) Nevertheless, you made a new home for yourself. Your work flourished and by 2009, relationships were strong. (That was a good time to get married.) Benefits from others came to you in 2010, and by 2011-12, you got recognition! People now knew what you could do. Many changed jobs, residences or both around 2011-2013.  Then, glory hallelujah! Lucky Jupiter entered your sign in July 2014 to stay until August 2015 attracting goodies, wealth and flesh to the bone. Aaggghh. Remember Miss Piggy? ‘Never eat more than you can lift.’


Wealth, Career and Reputation

Two strong influences will boost your job in 2016. The first influence is money! Yes – lettuce, bread, clams, dough. (What a menu!) This is because for the first time since 2003-04, lucky, moneybags Jupiter will enter your House of Earnings and stay there for an entire year. Ka-ching! Not only will you earn more, many of you will enjoy increased work-related travel and deal with foreign countries and people from other cultures. This is good news! Leos like to have cash in their jeans because they’re high rollers. But hey, money is only useful if you spend it!

The second influence is that Saturn will be in your fellow Fire Sign for the first time since 1996-98, giving you support instead of the headaches and challenges it threw your way since 2012. Oy! (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.) Even your body will feel an improvement. In 2016, weak bones and stiff joints will change into strength and endurance; and your fatigue will fade. Major bonus! In addition, you will work hard this year but you won’t mind this because you will easily have self-discipline. Ah yes, you can get back to the thrill of tightrope walking. That’s why there’s ‘fun’ in funambulism. And you will play the cello again!

Love, Partnerships and Friends

In 2016, you have every reason to be hopeful of improving your existing relationships. If you are single, you can be just as hopeful of meeting someone new because this year, you will be confident and sexy. (Would I kid you?) You will feel adorable! Very important: Leos need to be adored.

However, you’re not cruising this year. Singles want serious romance. You want Mr. Right not Mr. Right Now. Even though your confidence and poise are strong, and your increased earnings make you feel playful – you don’t want to fool around just to fool around. In fact, you might become involved with someone older or someone who is parental to you or vice versa. Perhaps you will play a parental role. ‘Who’s my baby?’

When Jupiter changes signs in September, you will start making bigger plans for the future, and your relations with others will be more upbeat. In fact, all your relations will improve because people will admire you. (That’s what you like!) Some of you will meet new romance through relatives, siblings and neighbours. After September, life will be happier and easier.

Home and Family

In 2016, you will welcome and enjoy the chance to make improvements to your home by buying beautiful things. You will also entertain more. Leos are fabulous hosts. You will also enjoy the chance to be generous to family members because you have a better financial footing this year.

You might have increased responsibilities with children in 2016. A son or daughter might move back in; or you might have increased responsibilities with a younger child. Perhaps this is why there will be increased chaos and activity at home for the first nine months of the year. Much more activity! This busyness might also be due to renovations, redecorating or a change of residence. Naturally, this explosion of energy means that there might be increased tension with family members for the first nine months. (Ya think?) You will have to be patient and tolerant. Relax; when your money worries are reduced, you always feel happier. And hey, this is nothing you can’t handle.

A Sneak Peek beyond 2016

Looking head, I see that 2018 is an excellent time to buy or sell your home, and an equally good time to speculate in real estate. If you don’t do any of these things, you might improve where you live by buying beautiful things for your home or doing renovations. Or you might move someplace that feels bigger and better. The year 2018 will also promote enriched relations with family members. In 2019, you will enjoy vacations, love affairs and creative activities; and yet, this is also a year when you will work hard. In 2020, you will improve your health and your job. Count on this. By 2021, relationships will be cozier than they’ve ever been. (This is a great year to marry or enter into any new partnership.) In 2022, inheritances, gifts and favours from others will come your way because you will benefit from the resources and wealth of others. The year 2023 is full of travel and opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine and the law. And finally, in 2024, your reputation is stellar! Once again – your name is up in lights! It’s show time!

My Leo Mantra for 2016

“I will use my wealth to create security and happiness for me and my loved ones.”

Mercury Retrograde Dates in 2016

Expect delays, lost items and confused communications! Best to finish things, not begin them. These are poor times to buy cars, trucks, bikes, computers, printers and phones. [Dates below are actual retrograde dates and buffer dates. Why buffer dates? Mercury slows down before it goes retrograde and then it needs to catch up to where it was at when it first went retrograde. Use buffer times for big purchases like cars.]

* Jan. 5 – 25 (Buffer times:  Jan.1  –  Feb. 14)

* April 28 – May 22 (Buffer times: April 19 ñ June 8)

* Aug. 30  – Sept. 22 (Buffer times: Aug. 18 –  Oct. 6)

* Dec. 19 –  Jan. 8 (Buffer times: Dec. 11 –  Jan 28)

Lucky Days for 2016

Jan 23, 24, 25

February 20, 21

March 18, 19

April 14, 15, 16

May 12, 13

June 8, 9

July 5, 6, 7

August 2, 3, 29, 30

September 25, 26, 27

October 23, 24

November 19, 20

December 16, 17

Who Shares My Birthday?


23 Alison Krauss 1971

24 Emily Bett Rickards 1991

25 Geoffrey Zakarian 1959

26 Kevin Spacey 1959

27 Nikolaj Coster-Waldau 1970

28 Sally Struthers 1947

29 Martina McBride 1966

30 Gina Rodriguez 1984

31 Dean Cain 1966


1 Honeysuckle Weeks 1979

2 Isabel Allende 1942

3 Mamie Gummer 1983

4 Louis Vuitton 1821

5 David Chang 1977

6 Lucille Ball 1911

7 Liam James 1996

8 Dustin Hoffman 1937

9 Gillian Anderson 1968

10 Suzanne Collins 1962

11 Viola Davis 1965

12 Cara Delevingne 1992

13 Paul Greengrass 1955

14 Marcia Gay Harden 1959

15 Debra Messing 1968

16 Madonna 1958

17 Robert DeNiro 1943

18 Robert Redford 1936

19 Veronica Roth 1988

20 Ben Barnes 1981

21 Kim Cattrall 1956

22 Giada De Laurentiis 1970