ARIES – Georgia Nichols’ predictions for 2016

Aries year ahead for 2016



Aries (March 21-April 19)

“We live at the edge of the world, so we live on the edge. Kiwis will sacrifice money and security for adventure and change.”

Lucy Lawless (March 29, 1968)

Does your Past Predict Your Future?

This forecast begins with highlights of your past because if what I say about your past rings true, then you can trust what I say about your future. Around 1998-99, Jupiter was in your sign bringing you opportunities and good fortune; and by 2001-03, your life was a revolving door with job changes and residential moves. (Gasp.) You handled this well because you thrive on adventure and anything new! By 2004, you needed a secure home base. Fortunately, you had marvellous chances to improve your job. In 2007-08, life was good! This was a time of graduation, promotions and kudos that made you proud. By 2009-10, you were busting your buns to prove what you could do; and sure enough, in 2011, you got recognition for your efforts. However, at that time, relationships started to fray; and by 2014, partnerships and marriages were brutal. Fortunately, something on the home front looked better, perhaps because you moved to bigger digs. Certainly, your family was happier. By 2015, you had wonderful opportunities to take a vacation and travel for pleasure!


Wealth, Career and Reputation

Yay! This year you can get a better job or improve your existing job. You might get better surroundings or working conditions. You might get a promotion! Maybe you need to get rid of your evil boss? You can have it all!

Meanwhile, you are approaching a career peak in 2018, when all your past efforts will bear the greatest fruit. But you have to understand the rules of the game. You must be performance ready! Therefore, ask yourself what training or education you need to get that extra edge? Can you travel this year to flesh out what you need before you step out on stage? Because know this: when you step out on stage in 2018, your effectiveness as a human being will be tested. This is not a casual thing. The last time this cycle occurred for your sign was in 1986-1988.

In 2016, expect disputes about shared property, inheritances, insurance issues, taxes and debt. It’s a poor time to get a loan or a mortgage because ego conflicts will hamper the negotiations.

This year, as you improve your job and move forward to achieve your goals in 2018, you will rely on yourself because the resources of others might not be available. “The game, Mrs. Hudson, is on!”

Love, Partnerships and Friends

Romantic relationships and friendships will be happy this year because success is sexy, and you will be successful! Since things will go swimmingly at work, your confidence will be strong. You will feel good about yourself! And when you feel good about yourself, others pick up on this, and they are attracted to you. Furthermore, your health will get a boost this year, and healthy people look sexy!

Meanwhile, Saturn is now in your fellow Fire Sign helping all aspects of your life to run smoothly. The Sun is your will and Saturn will help you express your will and purpose in life. Therefore, you will feel stronger relating to others intimately or casually. (‘I’ve got my scene together.’)

However, all is not sweetness and light. There are some obstacles this year that will arise in your closest relationships. Basically, these obstacles will relate to disagreements about jointly-held resources, shared property and how to handle shared expenses. How can you deal with this? Remember: Patience is the antidote to anger.

Think of all the opportunities for makeup sex in 2016!

Home and Family

Since the year 2016 is one of the best years for your health and well-being, this blessing will obviously spill into your relationships with family members. In addition, because your work and job will be fulfilling and rewarding this year, this too, will contribute to increased happiness in your home life. But note: This blessing to your health will also bring weight gain because as it attracts good things to you, it attracts flesh to the bone. (Time to let out another pleat in your shower curtain?)

In 2011, Uranus entered your sign to stay until 2019 making this one of the most revolutionary stages of your life. Uranus gives you the courage to clear away limitations. It will help you strike a blow for freedom and chart a new course! While it’s true you have obligations to yourself, you also have obligations to others. And while these inflamed qualities might help your personal development, your rebellion against authority might not go over well with family. Ya think?

A Sneak Peek Beyond 2016

As we peek into the future, we see that 2018 is your year for kudos, advancements and promotions. Balloons and streamers, puleeze! If this occurs when you’re younger, it might indicate a graduation, marriage, or the birth of your first child – in other words, something eventful that is important to you. However, more likely, it signals a time when youíre enjoying professional success. It might also be a time when you spin off and becoming self-employed. At that time, it will be easy for you to get loans, mortgages and financial and practical assistance from others. The year 2019 will see lots of travel, plus opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine, the law and higher education. In 2020, your name will be up in lights! You will push your agenda forward. In 2021, you will enjoy increased popularity; and in May, 2022, lucky Jupiter will return to your sign for the first time since 2011, bringing you all kinds of advantages and good fortune. Yay me! By 2024, you will boost your earnings and assets, which brings a big smile to your face in 2025.

My Aries Mantra for 2016

“Good health and a good job are a winning combo!”

Mercury Retrograde Dates in 2016

Expect delays, lost items and confused communications! Best to finish things, not begin them. These are poor times to buy cars, trucks, bikes, computers, printers and phones. [Dates below are actual retrograde dates and buffer dates. Why? Mercury slows down before it goes retrograde and then it needs to catch up to where it was at when it first went retrograde. Use buffer times for big purchases like cars.]

* Jan. 5 – 25 (Buffer times:  Jan.1  –  Feb. 14)

* April 28 – May 22 (Buffer times: April 19 – June 8)

* Aug. 30  – Sept. 22 (Buffer times: Aug. 18 –  Oct. 6)

* Dec. 19 –  Jan. 8 (Buffer times: Dec. 11 –  Jan 28)

Lucky Days for Aries for 2016

Jan 15, 16

February 11, 12

March 9, 10, 11

April 6, 7

May 3, 4, 31

June 1, 27, 28

July 24, 25

August 21, 22

September 17, 18

October 14, 15

November 11, 12

December 8, 9

Who Shares My Birthday?


21 Rosie O’Donnell 1962

22 Constance Wu 1988

23 Keri Russell 1976

24 Jim Parsons 1973

25 Aretha Franklin 1942

26 Leonard Nimoy 1931

27 Holliday Grainger 1988

28 Lady Gaga 1986

29 Jennifer Capriati 1976

30 MC Hammer 1962

31 Rhea Perlman 1948


1 David Oyelowo 1976

2 Lindy Booth 1979

3 Lesley Sharp 1960

4 Sarah Gadon 1987

5 Lily James 1989

6 Teddy Sears 1977

7 Russell Crowe 1964

8 Katie Sackhoff 1980

9 Fern Michaels 1933

10 Charlie Hunnam 1980

11 Nazanin Afshin-Jam 1979

12 Claire Danes 1979

13 Allison Williams 1988

14 Robert Carlyle 1961

15 Luke Evans 1979

16 Claire Foy 1984

17 Victoria Beckham 1974

18 Conan O’Brien 1963

19 Ashley Judd 1968