Georgia Nicols Horoscopes Sept. 30 – Oct. 6, 2012

It takes 29 years for Saturn to move through the 12 signs and each visit is an indication of where changes will take place. It tests us.

  • Sep. 28, 2012 2:00 p.m.
Georgia Nicols

Georgia Nicols

All Signs: It takes 29 years for Saturn to move through the twelve signs. It stays in each sign for several years and each visit is an indication of where changes will take place and where we need to pay attention. It tests us. Because Saturn is also the Great Teacher, it reveals what we really need (whether we admit this to ourselves or not). This week, Saturn moves into Scorpio for the first time since in 1984ñ86, which is a signal to us that our lives will be shifting in a major way in the next two-to-three years. Read below to get an inkling of how it will affect your sign. (ìLucy! You got some ísplainin to do!î)

Aries March 21-April 19

Saturn’s shift into Scorpio will be sobering for some of you because it is a signal that you will likely be getting along with less support during the next few years. This has nothing to do with your earnings or your salary. Instead, it refers to the support — physical, psychological and financial — that you get from others. This is the classic time to have disputes about inheritances and shared property, which naturally follows the breakdown of relationships, which is taking place for many of you right now. After a long time of preparation and then your break for freedom, in the next few years you’re going to wonder why you made these changes and exactly where you are going.


Taurus April 20-May 20

This is an extremely significant time for you. In a way, it bookends 1999 and is probably a culmination of something that occurred around 2005. You are entering a three-year period where you will focus intensely on partnerships and close friendships. You’ll give these relationships a lot of thought, especially because, from your point of view, others might be making greater demands on you. (“Enuff awreddy!”) One of the reasons you might feel tense with others is that you are changing the rules. Your increased confidence and desire for freedom and independence could threaten others. But you ain’t going back in da box.


Gemini May 21-June 20

In many ways, this shift of Saturn in your chart will be a welcome thing. (Actually, who is surprised? With lucky Jupiter in your sign until next fall, you’re on the receiving end of much good fortune and favourable circumstance.) Saturn, however, is going to make you bust your buns. Expect to find yourself in situations where you’ll be working hard for others as well as for yourself, putting your life in order to show the world how effective you can be. (“I can do this.”) Take care of your body because hard work tests anyone’s health. Fear not. Even if you feel overwhelmed at times, you will survive — with style! It’s what you do. (Despite the cost of living it’s still popular.)


Cancer June 21- July 22

The next few years will be extremely powerful for you because Saturn will be in Scorpio, your fellow Water Sign. Saturn symbolizes form and structure, especially in an orderly way when one plans ahead. Therefore, the next few years will be a wonderful time for you to build your physical strength, as well as build or construct something in the environment around you. No doubt you will win recognition from others for your achievements. (Practice your Elvis, “Thankavarmush.”) Many of you will experience increased responsibilities with children. Others will use this practical influence to establish sports careers or a strong presence in the arts. You’re on a quest!


Leo July 23-Aug 22

There’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news (and it’s really a stretch to call it bad news) is that your freedom of action might be curtailed in some way in the next few years. This could be discouraging. Authority figures might be tough to deal with. In fact, something that you started around 2005 might be tested. You will see what is working and what is not. Some ambitions will be thwarted; others will succeed. One thing is certain: You will work hard to repair where you live or move to another residence to establish a solid anchor for yourself in the world. You want to feel you have the nest you need to survey your realm. (“Are my subjects lining the streets?”)


Virgo Aug 23-Sept 22

Many of you will be going through a job change or a residential move in the next few years, even though you’re sure (right now) that this will not be the case. (Swami sees all, knows all, tells all in newspaper columns.) The reason for these changes is simple: Basically, around 2007, you started to reinvent yourself, and in the next few years you will put the finishing touches on the new you. These finishing touches have to do with your way of thinking and communicating with your daily environment and those around you. That’s why a change will take place. It’s a wake-up call to make you hone and refine your style of communicating with everyone. (“Greetings and death to my enemies!”)


Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Because you’ve been redefining who you are in the last few years, you now enter a three-year period where you will redefine your values. You don’t want to be looking in the mirror at age 90 saying, “Kid, you blew it.” You want to put your money on the right horse. That’s why you want to figure out what really matters in life and how you want to spend the time that is left to you. (Something we never really know, do we?) You will also work hard to earn money and, in doing so, you will become more aware of your cash flow. (Constantly checking your bank account online.) You want to feel financially secure and, in particular, you want control over your possessions. Just remember: Happiness is wanting what you have.


Scorpio Oct 23-Nov 21

Saturn has not been in your sign since 1984-86. This week it’s baaack! In the next few years you might feel your options are limited and your choices are being forced upon you. But in another way, you’re embarking on a new 30-year cycle. And in the first part of the cycle, you will completely reinvent yourself! (An exciting journey that will be finished around 2018.) This is why many of you will be plunged into a new environment, so different you will even change your daily wardrobe. Naturally, some of you will feel a bit withdrawn because this is the beginning of a very private journey! (“Don’t harsh my buzz, man.”)


Sagittarius Nov 22-Dec 21

Older Sagittarians can think back to the mid-80s for a few hints about what to expect in the next few years. At this stage in your life, you’re entering a phase where you will say goodbye to many things: people, places and possessions. Not to worry. Although change is disconcerting, the truth is whatever you are giving up in the next few years is what you no longer need. It’s history. You are simply letting go of what is no longer relevant because it’s superfluous or deadwood you no longer need to carry around. Do not look upon this time of transition as loss or failure. Instead, think of it as lightening up so you can be freer. Capice?


Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 19

Many Capricorns feel a strong loyalty to their community. You become involved with groups because you want to see things around you develop through positive growth. You like to lend your efforts to improve society. But because of this, many of you are stretched too thin! You’re trying to satisfy too many people and too many organizations. Your greatest price is that you neglect respecting yourself and acknowledging your own rights and integrity. In the next few years, this will be your challenge: Can you balance juggling the demands of team workers with your own demands? Sure, you want to contribute but you can’t deny your own pursuit of your own dreams.


Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18

“Look Ma, no hands!” Aquarians are entering their time of harvest, which is certainly reason to rejoice! For many, your cherished dreams will come true. Things that you’ve worked for since 2001 (and certainly 2007) are now reaching a culmination (in the next few years) where you will see very clearly what is working and what is not. Let go of what is not working. Don’t linger there. Don’t label things as failures. Just move on! People in authority will respect your achievements. Although this is a time of heavy responsibilities, the next few years might easily be one of the most rewarding times of your life.


Pisces Feb 19-March 20

It’s been a financial squeeze for you and will probably continue this way for a while. In the last three years, you’ve had to get along with less because many of you have split from supportive partnerships. Naturally, this made you stand on your own two feet (which are beautifully shod, since your sign rules shoes). And this has been empowering! Like Popeye, you’re declaring to the world, “I yam what I yam!” Finally, you will pull yourself up by your bootstraps and swing in a new direction to prepare for something big. You might not even know what it is yet but you know it’s there, just beyond your reach. Go get ’em, tiger!?