Georgia Nicols Horoscopes July 15 – 21, 2012

Feisty Mars is dancing this week. This portends an accident-prone week with physical mishaps, verbal faux pas and meltdowns.

  • Jul. 12, 2012 9:00 a.m.

All Signs: Feisty Mars is dancing this week. It’s playful with Jupiter but has a harsh relationship with unpredictable Uranus and Pluto. (Ouch.) This portends an accident-prone week with physical mishaps and explosions plus verbal faux pas and meltdowns. Since anger serves no purpose other than to make everyone miserable, and it promotes accidents because when your mind is clouded with anger you make mistakes and do things you later regret, we all have to slow down and cool our jets. But there’s a silver lining. By Saturday, Jupiter triggers a burst of spontaneous good luck! This is a major influence and something we can all use to our benefit.  (Cocteau was right: We must believe in luck for how else can we explain the success of those we don’t like?)


Aries March 21-April 19

This week you are blowing hot and cold. At the beginning of the week, you have lots of enthusiastic energy as you deal with others. However, it could be too much for some, which is why you might end up in an argument with a friend or partner. Don’t dwell on this. Instead, use the influence of the New Moon to focus on how you can improve your home and family relationships. (This is the best time all year for you to make some resolutions about this.) By the end of the week, you’re so busy with short trips, exciting possibilities, meeting new people and success in communicating to others (including writing, sales, acting and teaching), you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank! It’s all good.


Taurus April 20-May 20

Good news! Basically, this is an excellent week for you. Guard against conflict with co-workers at the beginning of the week, perhaps related to your desire to delegate to others or introduce improvements. (Easy does it.) Quite likely, you see ways to boost your income or increase sales and earnings and this could be why you’re so gung ho (to the annoyance of some). Well, you are right. You can miraculously boost your income or get a better job or explore sudden opportunities by the end of the week. But act quickly because your window of opportunity is brief. Ka-ching!


Gemini May 21-June 20

You are focused on money and earnings right now, no question. Nevertheless, you’re also involved with play, sports and fun vacations. (One seems to rob the other.) Even though your daily efficiency is challenged by communication breakdowns, transportation delays and misplaced items, this is actually a fantastic week for you. This burst of good luck (see All Signs above) takes place in your sign. This means something unexpected will come along for many of you that makes you feel fortunate and blessed. Yippee! Meanwhile, as this week begins, ask yourself what really matters for you in life. How can you reach for what you want if you don’t even know what it is? Hmm?


Cancer June 21-July 22

This week the only New Moon all year that occurs in your sign is taking place. That makes this the best time to honestly appraise your appearance, your image and your style of relating to others. What can you do to create a better impression in the world? (And believe me, a good impression makes your life easier. It’s not about “impressing” others, it’s about opening doors that make your life run more smoothly.) Isn’t it funny how people are more willing to help someone who looks like they don’t need help? Be patient with family members to avoid arguments in the beginning of the week. By the end of the week, some hidden blessing or revelation will give you a warm feeling in your tummy.


Leo July 23-Aug 22

Naturally, with Mercury retrograde in your sign you feel at loose ends fighting delays, silly mistakes and goofy misunderstandings. Oh well. Whatchyagonnado? Be patient with others, especially with siblings at the beginning of the week, because outbursts and power struggles will get you nowhere. (In fact, you’ll only lose ground.) Instead, focus on how to work with groups because this is where your good fortune lies right now. All contact with groups and friends will bring unexpected benefit and surprise opportunities your way. These introductions could even lead to a change of your future goals. Meanwhile, it’s a two-way street. Others will benefit from your enthusiastic energy as well. (Do get out of bed.)


Virgo Aug 23-Sept 22

Avoid squabbles about possessions, earnings and financial matters, especially related to vacations, social events, the entertainment world and anything to do with children. Spats with romantic partners about shared costs can also arise. But this is a minor blip. Basically, you see ways to promote your career and your good reputation among your peers. You’re working hard to earn money and this hard work pays off now. By the end of the week, something unexpected (possibly work-related travel) thrusts you into the public eye, or at least in the sight-line of bosses, parents, teachers and VIPs. You look like a winner! (You might as well dress like one, too.)


Libra Sept 23-Oct 22

With the Sun at high noon in your chart acting like a spotlight on you, you are noticed! Fortunately, you’re full of vigour and vitality so this is a good thing. (Caution about fights with someone at the beginning of the week. This won’t help you.) Grab opportunities for higher education, travel and anything related to publishing, the media, medicine and the law. Once you start opening doors in these areas, even you will be surprised at what suddenly presents itself, especially by the end of the week. Unexpected chances to travel or explore these same areas (publishing, the media, medicine and the law) will inexplicably drop in your lap. However, you’ll have to act fast because this window of opportunity closes quickly.


Scorpio Oct 23-Nov 21

Start your week off thinking about how to improve your life through travel or further education. Set some intentions. (According to the New Moon, this is your best time all year to do this.) Be patient midweek if you’re doing a slow boil about something because you’re angry but you feel you can’t say anything. Make your words sweet and tender in case you have to eat them. The really good news is an unexpected gift, inheritance, favour or fantastic advantage could come your way this week. (Yes!) Be on the lookout for what this might be. And be ready to act fast because your chance to benefit will be fleeting. Keep your pockets open!


Sagittarius Nov 22-Dec 21

You’re quite intense now, partly because you’re on a self-improvement kick. You want to be the best you can be. In fact, this is the only New Moon all year that urges you to be specific about how you want to improve yourself or make your life better. Why not write down three things? (When you see something visually it makes a greater impression on your mind.) Be patient with a friend this week, especially in a group setting. (Why alienate anyone?) Plus, your great good luck will come to you this week through a close friend or partner. Be ready to hook up with someone to do great things. (It’s a buddy movie.)


Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 19

Your ambition is going to pay off this week. (Possibly big time!) This could be why you’ll have a falling out with someone in the beginning of the week, probably an authority figure. Try to avoid this because it will simply rob you of your precious energy. (And create needless enemies.) With the New Moon opposite your sign, this is a good time to think about how to improve your partnerships and closest friendships. Quite likely, you will get the go-ahead from the Head Honcho (or someone in power) to do something that greatly improves your job and possibly your health as well. Be co-operative. Be friendly. Goodies are coming your way!


Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18

This might be the best week of the year to make resolutions about how to improve your health. They could be twofold: cutting back on harmful habits and increasing beneficial ones. Squabbles with others about travel, medicine, legal matters, higher education or anything to do with romantic partners and children could be a dark cloud on your horizon. Just sidestep this. In fact, the truth is this is a lucky week for you! Sweet bonus activities or information can make your day regarding sudden romance, unexpected vacations and anything to do with the entertainment world, sports and children. You can really luck out! (Mom still likes me best.)


Pisces Feb 19-March 20

Your playful mood continues. Romance, vacations, parties, social events, sports, children and the arts are tops on your menu. (Plus you feel hot and sexy!) On top of this, good fortune comes your way this week! This blessing will likely be connected to family, home or something to do with real-estate opportunities. You might find a great place to rent or buy. Or something to do with your family relationships will suddenly expand in a warm, fuzzy, friendly way. New high-tech toys and equipment could be an exciting addition to your home. Whatever occurs will be swift, unexpected and fleeting, which means you have to keep your eyes open. You don’t want to miss an opportunity like this. Ka-pow!