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Fire it up!

The Joe Cocker Experience is smokin’ hot

The Joe Cocker Experience was born after hearing singer Larry Brennan, perform on stage one night a few years ago.

His voice is not “faked or forced”—Larry was lucky to be born with a singing voice much like Joe Cocker’s. And his mannerisms are very similar too.

The next step was to build a band around Brennan, and after a grinding vetting process, the reward was an incredibly tight group of musicians that re-creates the band that Joe used on his last tour. More specifically, it reflects the band he used in Cologne, Germany on April 22, 2013—his last show before his death in 2014.

The music is all Cocker, and sung like only Joe could sing. Songs include “With A Little Help From My Friends,” Leave Your Hat On,” and “The Letter,” to name just a few, and the show also features new songs off his last album Fire It Up—which shares the name of his last tour.

With a sense of urgency to make this production just perfect, The Joe Cocker Experience is everything audiences would expect from a live performance from the great Joe Cocker and his smokin’ hot band.

This “all star” band is made up of these professional musicians: Brennan, lead vocals (40-plus years pro); Daryl Marklinger, lead guitar (25 years pro); Ron McKee, bass guitar (33 years pro); Kristi Kell, lead and backing vocals (28 years pro); Cindy Goebel, lead and backing vocals (28 years pro); Rick McDonough; piano/keyboards (40-plus years pro); Earle Gibson, Hammond organ/keyboards/trombone (40-plus years pro); Claudio Fantinato, sax/acoustic guitar/percussion/vocals (40-plus years pro); Gerry Pool (40-plus years pro).

The Joe Cocker Experience takes place at the McPherson Playhouse on Saturday March 26 .

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit: