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Be Blunt

James Blunt visits Victoria
British singer/songwriter James Blunt is playing the Royal Theatre, Monday, May 9.

English singer-songwriter-musician James Blunt is making his first appearance in Victoria this week at the Royal Theatre.

“It will be a new experience, I'm looking forward to it. That's one of the great things about my job. It takes me to places that I otherwise wouldn’t necessarily see,” he says.

“Already this year I’ve been in 89 different towns and cities since January.” He’ll be on tour until March 2012.

The former British Army officer and Grammy Award nominated musician is on tour promoting his third studio album, Some Kind of Trouble — which was released in Nov. 2010.

“People expect my show to be a gentle, slow affair because I’m known for a few softer ballads that are my radio singles. But my albums are much more varied than that and my concerts are much more energetic and upbeat. People are normally surprised by the energy of the concert. They are usually surprised when I start stagediving and throwing myself into the audience, but they usally catch me. They have dropped me a few times.” M