Enjoy this sweet little nugget of info

One of my favourite vegetables at this time of year is the Warba or ‘nugget’ potato. Only available in June and early July, you will still find some in grocery stores and supermarkets, but they’re going fast! Nuggets are not just small potatoes. They are a particular variety of early potato called ‘Warba’ and they are easy to spot since when they are harvested they have papery bits of skin attached to them and the ‘eyes’ have a pinkish tint to them. Without those distinguishing characteristics they are not true ‘nuggets’. I like them because of their very fresh flavour and quick cooking time. They are also adaptable to a huge number of seasonings.

Every year the BC Fresh association holds a recipe contest for Warba potatoes, and here is a link to one of the 2012 runners-up, Bombay-style nuggets.

Last week I told you about a barbecue dinner being put on by me and Bill Jones at Deerholme Farm this Saturday, that dinner is now sold out!  But I do have a new class offering on Aug. 19 at Kilrenny Farm in Cowichan Bay during which you can vicariously experience the foods of Rome with four new recipes on the menu:

Roman Holiday

Antipasto (appetizer):

Pezzetti di cavolfiore, batter-fried cauliflower

Primi (pasta):

Kilrenny rigatoni with cream, Tannadice Farm pork dausage, fennel and basil

Secondo (second course):

Saltimbocca Alla Romana

Scallopine rolled up with sage and prosciutto

Dolci (dessert):

Timballo di ricotta – light and fluffy cheesecake with cinnamon, lemon and brandy

Sound good? If so, you can contact Kilrenny Farm at 250-743-9019.