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Tanara Oliveira

Tanara Oliveira

I graduated from the University Center of Brasilia, Brazil. My career kicked off by working in the political section of Gazeta do Povo, which is one of the prominent newspapers in Brazil. Afterwards, I joined O Correio do Povo, where my focus shifted to covering crime. Just before making the move to Canada, I had the rewarding experience of collaborating with the Ministry of Communications of the Government of Brazil. There, I coordinated their social media efforts and felt more connected to the needs of the population in terms of information access and technology.

During my time in government, I also contributed to the Minister's initiative for the implementation of 5G in Brazil. Journalism is a true passion of mine, especially the significance of covering stories within communities. That's why I'm excited about the opportunity to work with Black Press, as it aligns with my passion. Being new to Victoria, I'm eager to continue learning, sharing stories, events, and breaking news in this wonderful city.

In my downtime, I cherish moments spent with my family, whether it's watching movies, diving into books, enjoying a cup of tea, traveling to new destinations, or exploring eateries to savor good food.

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