Letter – Seniors’ respect

Re: Kieran Report: Liberals have failed our seniors, Jan. 17-23

Seniors’ respect

Re: Kieran Report: Liberals have failed our seniors, Jan. 17-23

I want to thank you for the “right-on” report. I have been long annoyed at the way we (I am a senior as well) are treated in such a heinous fashion, by those we elect to aid us in obtaining life liberties and, if you will, the pursuits of happiness. I was amazed to see that most political parties ‘aid or help’ was at best, veneer-like and transparent, offering chocolate pastries wrapped in bus passes and welfare doling.

Those chosen to captain our team have not only dropped the ball, but ruled us ineligible to play life’s game. I think it’s time seniors dropped back — and punted.

I am 74 years of age and, like a lot of seniors in our province, I am ready to take back the respect stripped from us all.

James Clark,Victoria

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