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Letter - My Monday?

Re: Code of Justice, June 9 - 15

My Monday?

Re: Code of Justice, June 9 - 15

Your writer Timothy Collins' take on what will happen in prison to the two teenage sociopaths who killed Kimberly Proctor is, in my judgment, the strangest, most perverse and socially destructive writing that has ever found its way between the covers of Monday Magazine.

The writing, motivations and sentiment are creepy.  Who is it written to? What were the author's — and editor's — intentions? Is it designed to bring comfort to Fred Proctor, Kimberly's understandably anguished and vengeful father? Or the Monday readership, presumed to be thirsty for the destruction and long hell of the two murderers? Or the murderers' families, deemed somehow by Monday's editor to be fair targets for a public article confirming that the two killers face a lifetime of torture in prison?

This piece of writing typifies Monday's strange turn toward some murky values and worrying politics.  At this rate, I won't be surprised if, one of these days, some neo-conservative alien bursts out of its chest.

Gene Miller,Victoria