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Letter - Misguided on Pandora

Re: City Watchdog, Feb. 21-27

Misguided on Pandora

Re: City Watchdog, Feb. 21-27

Simon Nattrass is misguided in his column detailing the concerns express by people who gather around Pandora Green and Our Place. In reality, the well-being of Downtown's hard-to-house population was front and centre when the 2009 Good Neighbour Agreement was drafted. Instead of the virtual no-go zone surrounding the old needle exchange that made life miserable for all, those of us that signed the agreement wanted residents and organiztions to enjoy the same feeling of safety and security others take for granted. Some Pandora residents battle life-long addictions, and we could not continue to turn a blind eye to the parasitic drug trade that descended on that block taking advantage of people that call Pandora home.

Robert Randall,Victoria