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Letter: Kind words from a fellow caricature artist

Re: “Kicked Out of Inner Harbour,” March 10-16

Re: “Kicked Out of Inner Harbour,” March 10-16

I’ve known Dean for about 17 years, and as someone who has been caricaturing on and off for 40-plus years myself, I can state that he is one of the very best! Not just in Victoria, but of the hundreds of others’ whose work I’ve seen — my own included. I admire his talent and envy him for it. If anyone should be representing Victoria to our visitors, it is Dean. To hear that he will be booted off the causeway — for daring to express his opinion — is disappointing.

To hear that he cannot have what seems like a fair and reasonable opportunity to hear and defend himself against the so-called complaints about him is disgusting.

As his livelihood of 17 years is at serious risk, I think he deserves the opportunity.

It seems like the cliches, “Don’t make waves” and “Don’t rock the boat” were invented to describe the Harbour Authority’s bureaucratic attitude.

Nelson Dewey, Victoria