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Letter - Cavalier piece

Re: Editor’s Note: Poverty still sucks (June 21 - 27)

Cavalier piece

Re: Editor’s Note: Poverty still sucks (June 21 - 27)

Considering the excellent track record of Monday on social justice issues, I was shocked to see such a stigmatizing and ignorant piece by the editor on B.C.’s high poverty rate. First of all, his cavalier use of the loaded term "burden" just perpetuates the myth that people who are poor and on welfare are parasites and pariahs. That seems unfair to people whose only crime is being damned unlucky. Blaming our climate for our high poverty rate is laughable and ludicrous! Our shameful distinction of having the worst poverty rate in Canada is entirely due to draconian provincial  policies. It was Gordo who removed the earnings exemption so that welfare recipients could not keep a penny — plunging many people into abject poverty overnight. B.C. was the only province with this policy. B.C. is one of a few remaining provinces without an anti-poverty plan. Our terribly low assistance rates put us in a state of emergency. It is imperative that the Liberals raise welfare and disability rates immediately and index them to inflation. Christy needs to fix this one, not Harper. Because her gang caused it.

Doreen Marion Gee,Victoria