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Letter: Causeway artists unite

Re: “Kicked Out of Inner Harbour,” March 10-16

Re: “Kicked Out of Inner Harbour,” March 10-16

Like the letter writer last week, I congratulate you on your recent interesting and important cover stories. The article on Dean Lewis was well done; but I feel it missed an opportunity to again (as you have done so well in the past) champion the sorry financial plight of artists.

When I first began working at the Harbour, I was able to buy a licence for $30. Within ten years this price had jumped up to $500. Why? For what reason? There were no services being offered. And at the same time we witnessed a deterioration and lack of control of the area, along with the surprising appearance of the ugly hot-dog stand ruining Ship Point. Artists are now asked to pay well over $1,000 for their small patch of concrete! I was fortunate to escape the approaching dark cloud of the GVHA by landing in the Canadian Old Age Pension Plan.

During the many years working along side of him, I learned to respect and admire Dean Lewis. He treated his customers with entertainment and fair dealings. I saw only a honest desire to help his fellow artists. My career benifited more than once from Dean’s help. Good luck, Dean.

Carl Coger, Victoria