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A monster is awakening

There are some warning signs that can’t be ignored — especially when they cast such an ominous shadow.
Grant McKenzie Brick 1

There are some warning signs that can’t be ignored — especially when they cast such an  ominous shadow.

On Friday, Jan. 11, around 11 p.m., some darkly twisted person broke into a barn at a Holland Avenue farm in Saanich to conduct violent and demented things to a miniature horse named China Doll.

The beloved animal, affectionately called Dolly by her owners, was discovered the next morning with blood pouring from under her tail. Later that day, four-year-old Dolly had to be euthanized.

The horse’s rectum had been torn by insertion of an unknown instrument and the wound had allowed feces to enter her abdomen. During post-mortem, the veterinarian found other disturbing wounds that showed the poor horse had been brutally raped.

For most of us, this scene is unimaginable; a crime that makes the bile of even a hardened crime writer burn in the back of his throat. For it to happen in our own backyard is even more disturbing.

But what really chokes is that this monster hasn’t been caught. And this person needs to be caught before this taste for violence and depravity escalates.

As if anyone would need more incentive than the death of Dolly to turn over any information they have on this act to the police, a reward fund has also been set up that now stands at $5,000.

The farm is located near well-travelled roads, including West Burnside, and Saanich police are hoping someone saw the intruder break through the fence or noticed anything else that could lead to an arrest.

It’s obvious that this culprit needs professional help. The violent and sexually-debased urges that led to this horrible crime can’t be treated at home or through self-medication. By phoning the police, anyone with knowledge of the perpetrator will be saving the lives of at least two people. The first life will be that of the culprit. And the second will be the next victim that he or she is likely already thinking about.

A crime of this nature is not random. It is far too cruel and unsettling. From the extreme level of violence shown, it appears the culprit must have done this before — perhaps not on such a scale, but somewhere, someone has become worried about the fate of a pet or worse. Hopefully, this disturbed individual has yet to move onto people, but that is the inevitable next step unless we get this person help now.

If you saw or know anything, Saanich police ask anyone with information to contact them at 250-475-4321, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). M

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