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Psychic workshop manifests itself in Sooke

A special trio will guide participants to new experiences
Kyla Gagnon is a somatic healer and expert in conscious connected breathwork. (Kyla Gagnon)

Words by Timothy Collins

A much-quoted line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet maintained that “there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in (our) philosophy”.

That same sentiment was shared years later when W.B. Yeats cautioned that “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper”.

On March 26, people will have a chance to explore the world beyond what we’ve come to call normal reality when three practitioners of psychic insight, spiritual healing, consciousness connected breathing, and the use of group hypnotism will host a one-day workshop in Sooke.

Psychic medium Kevin Lewis. (image supplied)

Kevin Lewis, and internationally known medium, healer and reiki master will be joined by Kyla Gagnon, a somatic healer and expert in conscious connected breathwork, and Jason Tempinski, a holistic hypnosis and spiritual coach. Together the threesome will guide participants through an extraordinary journey to places not dreamt of in most of our philosophies.

“I understand the cynicism about this sort of workshop,” said Tempinski. “I’m a bit of a cynic myself and never expected to be doing this kind of work.”

Tempinski was in graduate school when he was drawn to a more spiritual approach to the counselling techniques he was studying.

“I think we’re at a point where people are looking for techniques and knowledge that goes beyond what science tells us. People are drawn to what we do, and it can be a powerful human experience.”

For her part, Gagnon writes on her website that for years she “taught yoga, held retreats in Bali… did some really neat things… and yet all the while was searching for something more.”

Gagnon discovered breathwork in 2019 and said that the discovery was a life-altering experience.

To reserve a space in the workshop, visit There is limited space available, and tickets are priced at $111.

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