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Holiday dance magic

Ballet Victoria presents The Nutcracker in all its glory

Ballet Victoria’s The Gift of the Nutcracker brings a great family tradition to the 21st century, with everything you expect from a Ballet Victoria performance.

This original Christmas tale danced to Tchaikovsky’s timeless score played by the Victoria Symphony showcases beautifully executed dance, brilliant costumes, complex choreography, humour and, as always, several surprises. The music soars throughout the theatre as the dancers fly through the air and bring to life a story which combine the Nutcracker magic with a unique and fresh twist.

Live performances with the Victoria Symphony take place at the Royal Theatre, December 28, 29 and 30 at 7:30 pm.

As the story goes…..

As per their annual tradition, Clara’s family is welcoming guests to their unique Christmas Eve party. Family and friends are in attendance to enjoy the festivities, with dancing and decorating the Christmas tree. As usual, Uncle Dross has brought a trunk filled with toys from his exotic travels, and this year, he offers Clara a very special Nutcracker.

As the evening draws to an end and everyone has retired for the night, young Clara hangs back in the living room to play with the Nutcracker and introduce him to her dolls. When the clock strikes midnight, the Rat King enters and creates complete chaos, terrifying Clara and her dolls. Just in time, her Uncle arrives and summons the Nutcracker for help. Clara bravely faces her fear and stops the fight between the Nutcracker and the Rat King before anyone gets hurt. To reward her courage, her Uncle invites the Snow Queen and her snowflakes to dance for Clara.

In Act 2, The Snow Queen calls upon her white dragon and sends Clara on a journey around the world. Clara is both nervous and excited by the unknown, but gratefully dances with all the fabulous characters she meets. Eventually, the Dewdrop Fairy appears, bringing Clara a magical tiara that turns her into the Sugarplum Fairy. The Nutcracker Prince and Clara dance the grand pas de deux together for everyone to enjoy.

Clara, asleep on the couch holding her Nutcracker doll, is awoken by her mom who takes her back to bed. Christmas night is quiet again as they all dream about special gifts and the magical times shared with family and friends.

Tickets to The Gift of the Nutcracker are available at the RMTS Box Office and through Ballet Victoria’s website: