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Death of a conman at the Roxy

Locally made film stars Kris Neilson as Angel Candy

Produced by Foggy Ocean Pictures—and running at the Roxy Theatre, March 3 to 6—The Death of Angel Candy is a lot of things.

Angel Candy is a self-described huckster, fraudster, artist, low-budget life coach, radio personality and a titan of the rail wheel lubricant delivery industry.

Above all else he is an idealist—and he is also doomed.

With his enemies at the gate and his death looming, he chooses to share the story of his unusual and often unbelievable life with us—the highs, the lows and the moments in between—in hopes that we might learn something from it.

This indie film was shot locally on Vancouver Island, and Kris Neilson shines as the sole star.

Clad in a burgundy housecoat and multiple sweaters, and with hair so slick you’ll swear it was combed with motor oil, he is Angel Candy.

Angel has an obsession with handmade model trains, recurring nightmares of a ghostly nun, a stuffed animal named Kitty Genovese and an American-made station wagon that he calls Suzanne and of which he brags has “four cylinders, one for each wheel.”

Audiences will meet Angela at the Roxy, experience his life, his quests for fame and fortune and his dastardly schemes. And when all is said and done, the audience will finally get to see the death of a conman: Angel Candy himself.

Tickets at the Roxy Theatre, 2657 Quadra Street or call 250- 382- 3370.

About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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