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Animals onscreen at Victoria IMAX

Movie line-up at the Royal BC Museum theatre

The IMAX Victoria is back up and running with several exciting offerings for IMAX-movie lovers.

As announced last month by Royal BC Museum, IMAX Victoria is excited to offer the stories and science of this area’s ocean neighbours in Humpback Whales, narrated by acclaimed actor Ewan McGregor and set in the waters of Alaska, Hawaii and the remote islands of Tonga.

In addition, other crowd favourites, including Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker, Turtle Odyssey and Asteroid Hunters are also on tap.

From the second half of October until December, patrons can still see Humpback Whales and Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker, as well as the upcoming presentations of Antarctica and Mountain Adventure: Out of Bounds.

“We know that local residents, IMAX Victoria pass-holders and visitors to Victoria have all been looking forward to seeing the world again through the magic of IMAX® Victoria,” says Erika Stenson, vice president of museum operations at the Royal BC Museum. “As Victoria and BC reopen to travel and tourism, we’re thrilled to reopen this popular BC-based experience.”

Combination passes—admission to both IMAX Victoria and the Royal BC Museum—are available. Visitors looking to take a deeper dive into the lives of whales on the Pacific Coast can combine their Humpback Whales IMAX Victoria experience with a visit to the Royal BC Museum’s feature exhibition, Orcas: Our Shared Future, and surface with a new appreciation of how whales and humans are inextricably connected.

Film schedules, tickets and information about COVID-19 health and safety protocols are available on the IMAX® Victoria website.

The Royal BC Museum had temporarily closed the IMAX® Victoria theatre to the public in November 2020 to comply with COVID-19 public health orders.