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SKAMpede goes live in July

Beloved annual event returns with changes, pre-registration online

With BC officials easing physical distancing measures, Theatre SKAM announces plans to move forward with the outdoor live-performance SKAMpede festival for July 11-12.

The festival, now in it’s 12th year, will see changes this summer. Starting at the HUB, audiences will set off via bicycle or foot in physically distanced groups of 12 spaced out along a three-km stretch of Victoria’s Galloping Goose Trail, and catch live theatre shows along the way.

“We’re going to be one of the first companies to host a live festival this summer, so we want to do it right,” says artistic and managing producer Matthew Payne. “Our audience tells us they’re craving live performance; they want to participate in community events and community life again, but they feel cautious about it. We want to provide that space for live entertainment in the safest way possible.”

In past years, SKAMpede attendees could show up to the festival anytime and passersby were welcomed to stop-in to catch a show. This year, all attendees must pre-register for a specific tour through the SKAMpede Festival Eventbrite page. Each single tour consists of a maximum of 12 registrants to satisfy physical distancing measures. Attendees are able to register as individuals or groups. Each individual or group that registers will have its own designated ‘bubble’ at each show so they can watch from a safe distance.

This year’s festival will consist of half-a-dozen short works performed by all local artists. Audiences will have the option to register for walking or cycling tours with reserved spots for ASL and Vocal Eye.

The festival remains free to stay accessible for all. Donations are welcome to offset production costs.