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Small Screen: TV news from Kyle Wells

TV may be slow in the summer, but there's tons of great things online to watch

I want to mention a couple of things I’ve been enjoying: First, the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, which is Jenji Kohan’s (Weeds) new show. The women’s prison dramedy starts off a little rough but quickly becomes a seriously compelling series with great characters. With this and House of Cards, Netflix is showing itself to be the future of TV programming. Now HBO just needs to smarten up and allow online only access to its shows. Seriously.

Second, the season two of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee wrapped up online at the end of July. I’m new to this one but with my love of cars and comedians (sorry though, I’m a tea drinker) this lovely little chat show is a simple pleasure. Look for a new season likely later this year.

On to the new shows: I need to mention Sleepy Hollow, premiering Sept. 16 on Fox, not because it looks good, but because it looks so, so bad. In the show Ichabod Crane is somehow transported to the titular town in the year 2040. The catch? His foe, the Headless Horseman has also made the leap. Crane must now work with the local police to bring the decapitated demon to justice.

So bad it might be good? I’m guessing we’ll only have an episode or two to decide before this show gets lopped off the schedule.

Fox is also making a play to be the home of all things comedy Tuesday nights, starting Sept. 17. Not only will New Girl and The Mindy Project be back in action, but a couple of new comedies with some big names will be added to the lineup.

Dads, starring Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi, is Seth MacFarlane’s (Family Guy, American Dad!) first venture into a live-action TV series, about video game developers and their oddball fathers. It looks hackneyed in the trailer, and a little too much like $#*! My Dad Says, but considering its stars, could have some solid laughs.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Andy Samberg’s first post-SNL gig and I think whether or not you like this cop comedy will depend on whether or not you like Samberg and his man-child act. With lines like, “the only puzzle he hasn’t solved is how to grow up,” this is clearly going to be the theme of the show.

I might stick to Netflix.


Other notable premieres:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 9 –

Sept. 4, FX Canada (My favourite comedy)

Boardwalk Empire, Season 4 – Sept. 8, HBO Canada, 9 p.m. (My second favourite drama)

Sons of Anarchy, Season 6 – Sept. 10,

Super Channel.


By Kyle Wells