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Nanaimo photographer raising money for charity

Graham Romanovsky supporting Loaves and Fishes food bank, Heart and Stroke Foundation
Samples of work by Nanaimo photographer Graham Romanovsky. Until the end of the year Romanovsky is raising money for the Loaves and Fishes Community Food Bank and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. (Photos courtesy Graham Romanovsky)

Graham Romanovsky has been taking his dog on more walks since the doggie day care he was using shut down due to COVID-19, and while he had his leash in one hand, he had his camera in the other.

The Nanaimo photographer said he’s been taking hundreds of pictures each day and now he’s selling those images in an effort to raise money for the Loaves and Fishes Community Food Bank and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

“I got forced out the door for two walks a day with my dog,” Romanovsky said. “So I just started taking a lot of photos and then people were like, ‘These are really good,’ so I decided … ‘Let’s do something positive with it instead of just filling up hard drives.’”

Romanovsky said he hasn’t displayed his work before and only starting taking photography seriously a year and a half ago when he bought a camera before going on a trip to New York.

“It was just like, ‘OK, let’s buy a good camera instead of just cell phone pictures,” he said.

Romanovsky said he supports the Heart and Stroke Foundation because he’s had people close to him affected by heart disease and stroke and he’s helping the food bank because “with everybody either being laid off or not getting enough hours at work, it made the most sense.”

Romanovsky has plenty of photographs on offer. He said he edited 1,000 photos this spring and has a four-terabyte hard drive nearly full of images. They’re mostly nature scenes from the Nanaimo area, including waterfalls, sunsets, beaches and forests.

“Linley Valley, Westwood are a majority of them. There’s also a lot taken in Kinsmen Participark,” Romanovsky said. “There’s a few hidden gems that people don’t know about in Nanaimo that you can really take a lot of photos and nobody knows what it is.”

Romanovsky’s photographs can be viewed here and he can be contacted through Facebook or e-mail at His fundraising campaign is continuing until the end of the year.

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