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Metchosin singer-songwriter plans song covers between gigs on U.S. tour

Homegrown singer-songwriter Jesse Roper issues social media callout for fans
Jesse Roper is on the road this spring on a rolling road trip in the U.S. (Jesse Roper/Facebook)

The Metchosin One is offering up covers online.

Homegrown singer-songwriter Jesse Roper issued a social media callout for cover ideas while between gigs on his current U.S. road trip.

“It was suggested to me that I should film and record myself covering some tunes for the social media. I’m gonna do that. Which tunes would you like me to cover?”

Affectionately dubbed The Metchosin One by local fans, Roper hit the road April 11 for a U.S. tour through mid-May with stops in Idaho, South Caroline, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and the Big Apple in New York.

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A theme appeared, with common responses including “no need to do covers” followed by ideas.

Given his bluesy, ’70s rock inspired music some suggestions aren’t a surprise while others are out of the box.

Creedence Clearwater Revival appears in several suggestions so far. Others include Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison, Audio Slave and Steely Dan. Ideas with a twist include a popular pop song in Jesse Roper style, or revamp of a Roper original.

In a throwback to his 2021 adventures online and in the dirt, one person asked: What’s in your garden man?

“I promise to get back on that. My garlic is lookin stellar!” Roper responded.

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Roper left April 11 and set a personal record on day one of the trip. “It was a 16-hour drive plus customs and a ferry for one gig. That’s a new record for this guy. I kinda felt bad asking the band to do this one. Five days and one show isn’t the best ratio for making money but that’s rock and roll,” he wrote.

The next gig is in Charleston, South Carolina on April 30.

In the meantime, what would you like to see Roper sing?

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