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Independent Films: Kathy's Pics

Victoria Film Festival director Gets a taste of TIFF
Victoria Film Festival director Kathy Kay

My 24/7 job is the Victoria Film Festival and that means every September the programmer and I pack up our suitcases and head off to TIFF – Toronto International Film Festival for those without a love of acronyms – to watch five to seven films per day.

I know people don’t think that’s work but great films grab you by the throat and take you on a journey. At the end of a day that’s a lot of travelling.

TIFF walks the line between celebrity and discovery. On any given night there will be a gala screening with attendant recognizable faces and lots of flashing cameras while just a few blocks away is a packed house for a small film perhaps from Africa.

The film seemingly will have nothing to recommend it but a great, genuine story with the real beat of the human experience. Check it out:

Check out:

Cinecenta screening of the 2013 VFF gala premiere film Hannah Arendt.


By Kathy Kay