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Courtenay author writes, illustrates first children’s book

When is a collaboration not a collaboration?
“Of Bears at Fridges, drinking Planes and Cinderella’s Shoe” is Jordis Trumby’s first children’s book. Photo supplied.

When is a collaboration not a collaboration?

At first glance, Courtenay author Jordis Tumby’s first children’s book, Of Bears at Fridges, Drinking Planes and Cinderella’s Shoe, would appear to be a collaborative effort between herself and Courtenay artist Uli Ostermann, who provided the illustrations for the book.

Things are not always as they appear, however. Tumby and Ostermann are one and the same.

“[I use] Jordis Tumby as an open pseudonym to distinguish between [my] identities as an author and as a painter,” explained Ostermann, in a press release about the launching of the book.

When she is not penning children’s novels, Ostermann is an internationally recognized artist and mother of three, whose pieces have been sold to collectors in Canada, the United States, and various European countries.

But her most recent project will appeal mostly to children.

“This book is about eight-year-old Sammy, who just had been told that the family will move away from London and to a new home,” Ostermann said. “In Sammy’s eyes a bombshell went off at the breakfast table, and so the book starts with a scream and a big bang caused by slammed doors.”

The story addresses the fear of change that comes naturally with the unfamiliar and its challenges. It’s intended for children aged eight and older, and is set in London (England), Dresden (Germany), and B.C.

The 176-page hardcover version is fully illustrated, while the 148-page paperback edition contains three illustrations.

Of Bears at Fridges, Drinking Planes and Cinderella’s Shoe, is available at

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