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A study in contrast

Electronic duo Greenlaw release long awaited CD Thurs., March 8 at Club 9ONE9
Ozzie and Skyla are Greenlaw. They're releasing a new album Thursday, March 8 at Club 9ONE9.

Local electronic duo Greenlaw is getting ready to release its long awaited third album Break the Cycle March 8 with a CD release party at Club 9ONE9.

Made up of Skyla  and Ozzie (from local band Skyla J and the Vibes), Greenlaw is merging its downtempo past with its electronic future. The new album, a double-disk, offers one CD of downtempo tracks and the another of hardcore electronic remixes.

“We’re originally a downtempo act — soul and funk,” says Ozzie. “The label is drum and bass, so we decided to merge. A lot of our old fans were wondering what happened. First we’re a downtempo act and now were an electronic act, but we haven’t lost that downtempo side, we’re just merging the two into one.”

“We really like to work with contrast,” adds Skyla.

“Sound Boy,” the new single from the album, has four remixes — which will all be released at the same time.

“We’re going to corner the market basically,” says Ozzie.

Skyla and Ozzie have been making music in one form or another for 14 years. After playing with a funk band for four years, they decided to buy each other instruments and do their own thing.

“I bought him a bass and he bought me a flute,” says Skyla. “People aren’t used to seeing a flute at a drum and bass show,” she giggles.

“The live show is one of our biggest strengths,” says Ozzie. “How many times have we played a show were people come up and say, ‘We didn’t know this is live’?”

It’s been five years since they were first introduced to their new boss DJ SS, founder of Leicester-based drum and bass label Formations Records in the U.K..

Just after recording their second album and touring in England, Greenlaw was playing a show at the Mint in Victoria. That’s where DJ SS first heard them perform.

“Five years later, here we are,” says Skyla. “It’s been a lot of back and forth, a lot of long trips and a lot of late night sessions.”

DJ SS and labelmates Crissy Criss and MC Warren G are joining Greenlaw in Victoria for the launch of Break the Cycle and to kick off the World of Drum and Bass tour, which will take them to Vancouver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Puerto Rico and beyond.

“Nothing before it’s time, right? You have to trust,” says Skyla. “Having the album take so long, it was a real test of trust and faith and it’s easy to say that, but when it’s tested, how much faith do you really have? How much do you trust that things are going to happen as they should?”

Skyla and Ozzie are also launching a new label, Skylab, under which they host their Wednesday night gigs at the Office Lounge. M


Greenlaw CD Release

With DJ SS and Crissy Criss, Thurs., March 8 Club 9ONE9

Tickets $20 in advance at Lyle’s Place and Ditch Records