VIRGO – Georgia Nichols’ predictions for 2016

Virgo your year ahead 2016



Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

“Always remember your kid’s name … and don’t let them drive until their feet can reach the pedals.”

Amy Poehler (Sept. 16, 1971)

Does your Past Predict Your Future?

The early ‘90s were popular; and by 1995, you moved to bigger digs or perhaps bought a home. By 1997, you improved your job or got a better job; and on this winning streak, by 1998, relations and partnerships looked sweet! The new millennium was empowering because people respected you more, and you respected yourself more as well. Itís too easy for you to be self-critical. This is because you set such high standards for yourself ñ like perfection! Duh? No one is perfect. Not even me.

Around 2006, you entered a three-year window where you gave up friendships, relationships, jobs, homes and countries – even some vitamins. This was because you were gearing up for 2008. Change! In 2011, inheritances, gifts and favours from others helped; and by 2013, you were laughing! You made a great impression on others that year. (Virgos do impressions.) The last few years have been a revolving door of changing jobs and residences. Fortunately, lucky Jupiter is back in your sign giving you increased confidence, self poise and hope for your future! Thank gawd.


Wealth, Career and Reputation

Your life has never looked better because lucky Jupiter is in your sign this year. Don’t take this lightly! It occurs only three maybe four times in your adult life. You are fortunate! This is the beginning of a 12-year cycle of major growth and learning during which you will discover who you really are. (Save time – check your ID.)

Jupiter will help you to overcome prejudices and narrow attitudes that limit your success. Opportunities will open up to expand your world, especially through travel or meeting people from other cultures and different countries.

Your confidence will grow and your communications with others will be direct, proactive and assertive. You will go after what you want! If you need to argue with others – you’re in an excellent position. Obviously, all these qualities favour business and commercial negotiations, especially if you have to bargain with someone or demand favourable terms.

In the autumn, opportunities to make more money, get a better job or increase your wealth and assets will begin. This juicy influence continues into 2017. Yay me!

Love, Partnerships and Friends

Jupiter in your sign makes you happier, which makes you more attractive to others. Ya think? Another curious thing about Jupiter is that it makes you look more affluent. You look richer, even if you aren’t. Life is a cakewalk! Plus let us not forget that Mars will linger in one part of your chart for the first eight months of the year making you forthright, direct and proactive. You will look like you know what you’re talking about! Hmmm, rich, happy, confident, proactive – is that sexy or what?

As usual, what the large print giveth, the small print taketh away. Neptune opposes your sign from 2012 to 2026. Neptune is illusion, perfection, hopes and dreams, smoke and mirrors. It makes it difficult to really ‘see’ your loved one. You might idealize someone or put them on a pedestal creating confusion or a negative codependency. (This can also affect your professional relationships.) Basically, it holds the danger of over-idealizing your relationship out of proportion to reality. You might kid yourself into thinking everything is fine when it isn’t. It tempts you to believe whatever it is you want to believe about the relationship. Yes, Virgo is the sign of service, and service is a noble thing, but there is nothing noble about being a doormat, even if it has a Welcome sign on it.

Home and Family

News Alert! The most significant thing about 2016 is how it will impact your home. Now is the time to establish a firm base for yourself and your family. You want a home that is reliable  – a true refuge. Only after you have established this, can you go forward and slay dragons. (Buy a copy of Castle Building for Dummies.)

Ironically, many of you changed residences recently because you were seeking the right home. Fine. If you don’t move again, you will do major repairs to where you now live.

Your relationship with a parent will be significant now. You might have to take care of a parent or a family member. And if you do not take on the parental responsibility for someone else, possibly they will take on this role for you. Meanwhile, things that used to be important to you, no longer give you the same pleasure. (Whaaat?) Other things might come back into prominence, if they were not resolved. That’s why this is a good time also to seek out counseling. Or take up needlepoint.

A Sneak Peek Beyond

Glory hallelujah!  In 2017 and 2018, your earnings will increase. Yes! You might also benefit indirectly from the wealth of others. In 2019, you have the best real estate opportunities that you will have for another 12 years. In other words, this continues to be time to improve your home by buying and selling, or buying for the first time. If you don’t move, it’s an excellent time to invest in your own home with improvements. And if you rent, you might move to bigger and better digs. And if you don’t make any of these changes – then at least, you will buy things for your home because in 2019, you feel richer and happier where you live. Factoid. The year 2020 is a fun-loving, playful, flirtatious year – great for vacations! Good news – you can improve your job in 2021 and your relationships in 2022, which might be why you get money and benefits through someone else in 2023! In 2024, you’re travelling and by 2025, you will put your name up in lights! Nice work.

My Virgo Mantra for 2016

“I will use my good fortune to secure my home base.”

Mercury Retrograde Dates in 2016

Expect delays, lost items and confused communications! Best to finish things, not begin them. These are poor times to buy cars, trucks, bikes, computers, printers and phones. [Dates below are actual retrograde dates and buffer dates. Why buffer dates? Mercury slows down before it goes retrograde and then it needs to catch up to where it was at when it first went retrograde. Use buffer times for big purchases like cars.]

* Jan. 5 – 25 (Buffer times:  Jan.1 – Feb. 14)

* April 28 – May 22 (Buffer times: April 19 – June 8)

* Aug. 30  – Sept. 22 (Buffer times: Aug. 18 – Oct. 6)

* Dec. 19 –  Jan. 8 (Buffer times: Dec. 11 – Jan 28)

Lucky Days for 2016

Jan 26, 27

February 22, 23, 24

March 20, 21, 22

April 17, 18

May 14, 15

June 10, 11, 12

July 8, 9

August 4, 5, 31

September 1, 2, 28, 29

October 25, 26

November 21, 22, 23

December 18, 19, 20

Who Shares My Birthday?


23 Rick Springfield 1949

24 Orla Fallon 1974

25 Tim Burton 1958

26 Dylan O’Brien 1991

27 Suranne Jones 1978

28 Sheryl Sandberg 1969

29 Todd English 1960

30 Cameron Diaz 1972

31 Van Morrison 1945


1 Lily Tomlin 1939

2 Scott Moir 1987

3 Garrett Hedlund 1984

4 Max Greenfield 1980

5 Freddie Mercury 1946

6 Idris Elba 1972

7 Chrissie Hynde 1951

8 Peter Sellers 1925

9 Michelle Williams 1980

10 Colin Firth 1960

11 Taraji P. Henson 1970

12 Peter Scolari 1955

13 Tyler Perry 1969

14 Melissa Leo 1960

15 Josh Charles 1971

16 B.B. King 1925

17 Ella Purnell 1996

18 Frankie Avalon 1939

19 Danielle Panabaker 1987

20 George R. R. Martin 1948

21 Ethan Coen 1957

22 Katie Lowes 1981