PISCES – Georgia Nichols’ predictions for 2016

Pisces year ahead for 2016



Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

“In two decades, I’ve lost a total of 789 pounds. I should be hanging from a charm bracelet.”

Erma Bombeck (Feb. 21, 1927 to April 22, 1996)

Does your Past Predict Your Future?

Life was a scramble from 1991 to 1993 because you were on the move. Things were changing fast because you gave up relationships, friendships, residences and possessions as you barreled into your future to begin a whole new world in 1994. (Gasp.) That was a pivotal year! At that time, you began a new 30-year cycle that will not be completed until 2023.

However, in 1999, more changes were at hand and in the following two years, you changed your residence or job or both. Life was a whirlwind! By 2002, your focus on children, vacations, romance, love affairs, the arts and sports gave you a lift. In 2005, you benefited from the wealth and resources of others and perhaps, some of you received an inheritance.

You finally got recognition for your talents by 2007. Perhaps it was this increasing recognition that created problems with partnerships in 2009-10. (That was a slog!) Many relationships ended then, which meant you had to get along on less in 2011-12. Last year, opportunities at work were a blessing.


Wealth, Career and Reputation

This is a stellar year for your job, your career and your reputation among your peers. You will be proud to receive kudos, praise, recognition and promotions. Some will graduate. Some will get married. Someone might have a long awaited child. Others will try self-employment. Many of you will enjoy wonderful success in your job. Essentially, your cherished dreams can come true!

There could be some evidence of failure and disappointment, but this will be minor. If you do experience disappointment, just move on because this is your hour to shine! Do not dwell on failure. Look at what you have achieved and build on this. This year is also a time of heavy responsibilities. It’s not time to sit back and rest on your laurels.

One of the reasons you are powerful this year is because you have a strong sense of who you are and what you can do – finally! This year will also give you the greatest opportunity to make a positive impression on important people and the world in general. For most of you, this will be one of the most rewarding times in your life because you’ve earned it. Give yourself a pat on the back! Treat yourself to a pair of shoes that makes you want to dance!

Love, Partnerships and Friends

You are the big winner in 2016, because not only will your career and reputation shine, in addition, you have lucky Jupiter sitting in your House of Partnerships and Marriage. Say no more! You will majorly score this year!

This is an excellent year to get married. Quite likely, this person will be older, more established or richer; and they will bring joy in your life. This person could be from another country. Many of you will make friends with someone from a different background or a foreign country because whoever you encounter now will have a consciousness-expanding influence on you. You will learn from them. They will broaden your experience of the world.

Indeed, because others benefit you so strongly this year, even lawyers, counselors, doctors, consultants, astrologers (i.e. experts) will benefit you. This year, you feel confident and confidence is sexy! And so is success! Admittedly, you will have lots of responsibilities and will have to work hard. But you will enjoy relating to others now because you have nothing to hide. You are out there flying your colours!

Home and Family

It’s important to protect your health this year because you might overextend yourself by working too hard since you are enjoying such success. It’s also important to focus on loved ones and family members because it’s easy to be distracted with your job, status, prestige and success. Gotta know what really matters. Obviously, marriage and partnerships are beautifully favoured. Your partner might earn more money, for example, which takes stress away from worrying about expenses. You will also find that partners are beneficial to you in a practical way – more helpful. They will also be a greater support in a psychological and emotional way as well. Family travels are more likely this year because you are keen to get out of town and expand your horizons. In fact, you will feel the travel bug very strong in 2016. You will also put a strong emphasis on education for family members and perhaps yourself as well this year.

A Sneak Peek Beyond

‘Show me the money!’ This will be your theme for 2017 because this year, you will benefit from the wealth and resources of others. You can get a loan or a mortgage. You will also benefit from the use of things that other people own. Meanwhile, your career stands strong! Travel opportunities will continue to delight you in 2018, which is also a great year for higher education. In 2019, once again, you shine! (I’m not making this up.) Jupiter at the top of your chart brings kudos, promotions and acknowledgement from others. From 2021- 2023, you will let go of much of what you created since 2008. You will streamline and downsize what is no longer relevant in your life. Nevertheless, the year 2022 is sweet because lucky Jupiter will be in your sign again. In 2023, you begin a new 30 year path. You will be optimistic because you will be eager to go forward into something new. The year 2025 is fantastic for real-estate deals. This is your opportunity to move to bigger and better home, as well as enjoy one, mutually generous, enhance relationships with family members.

My Pisces Mantra for 2016

“I am grateful for who I am and what I have.”

Mercury Retrograde Dates in 2016

Expect delays, lost items and confused communications! Best to finish things, not begin them. These are poor times to buy cars, trucks, bikes, computers, printers and phones. [Dates below are actual retrograde dates and buffer dates. Why buffer dates? Mercury slows down before it goes retrograde and then it needs to catch up to where it was at when it first went retrograde. Use buffer times to avoid big purchases like cars.]

* Jan. 5 – 25 (Buffer times:  Jan.1 – Feb. 14)

* April 28 – May 22 (Buffer times: April 19 – June 8)

* Aug. 30 – Sept. 22 (Buffer times: Aug. 18 – Oct. 6)

* Dec. 19 – Jan. 8 (Buffer times: Dec. 11 – Jan 28)


Lucky Days for 2016

Jan 13, 14

February 9, 10

March 7, 8

April 4, 5,

May 1, 2, 29, 30

June 25, 26

July 22, 24

August 18, 19, 20

September 15, 16

October 12, 13

November 9, 10

December 6, 7


Who Shares My Birthday?


19 Smokey Robinson 1940

20 Rihanna 1988

21 Chuck Palahniuk 1962

22 Clinton Kelly 1969

23 Kelly Macdonald 1976

24 Michelle Shocked 1962

25 Rashida Jones 1976

26 Johnny Cash 1932

27 Kate Mara 1983

28 Frank Gehry 1929



1 Justin Bieber 1994

2 Daniel Craig 1968

3 Tyler Florence 1971

4 Tamzin Merchant 1987

5 Eva Mendes 1974

6 Felicity Huffman 1962

7 Laura Prepon 1980

8 James Van Der Beek 1977

9 Oscar Isaac 1979

10 Olivia Wilde 1984

11 Terrence Howard 1969

12 Jason Beghe 1960

13 Kaya Scodelario 1992

14 Jamie Bell 1986

15 Jack Whyte 1940

16 Victor Garber 1949

17 Hozier 1990

18 John Updike 1932

19 Glenn Close 1947

20 Bobby Orr 1948