Maritime Museum of BC handout

Our Fleet

Maritime Museum shares stories of vessels in its collection

The Maritime Museum of BC is thrilled to be hosting an exhibit that tells the stories of the three different vessels in its collection.

Our Fleet: Small Craft with a Story launched in November and runs until May 14.

The Maritime Museum cares for three vessels in its collections: Tilikum, Dorothy and Trekka. Each of these vessels has deep roots in BC’s coastal history and each carries her own stories of adventure and adversity.

Two of the three vessels have had international adventures, with one completing a trip around the world. Though unique in many ways, including their materials and structure, all three vessels share one thing in common: they have all inspired generations of mariners in the Pacific Northwest.

To learn the stories of these three small crafts and what makes them all special, visit the Maritime Museum of BC at 744 Douglas Street, Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm.