Letter – Why legalize marijuana?

In response to Mr. Nattrass's column in the April 24 issue: "Why do some people want marijuana legalized?"

Why legalize marijuana?

In response to Mr. Nattrass’s column in the April 24 issue: “Why do some people want marijuana legalized?”

There are many reasons. First of all, people who choose to, will always drink coffee or alcohol, smoke tobacco or pot, or do hard drugs. Humans have been using similar substances since the dawn of time —it’s not going to change now.

Secondly, history has proved beyond a doubt that making a substance illegal opens the door to high-level criminals and gangsters (think American prohibition of alcohol — what a happy day for gangsters when that law was passed).

But lastly, and most importantly, the answer to your question is — money. A lot of very bad people are making a lot of money. Why should that money not be going to the government to support much-needed social programs?

Treating marijuana exactly like alcohol and tobacco by taxing it would bring in tons of money. And yes, smoking any substance can be harmful to one’s health, but so is alcohol, caffeine, sugar, salt, hormone-laced meat, etc.

It’s a loser’s game to try to legislate people’s personal lifestyles and a violation of their civil rights.

P.S. Some very nice people who are not bullies or killers or rotters smoke pot. You would be surprised.

Lorna Dougall,Victoria

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