Letter to the Editor – Question is: ‘Why are people supporting John Cummins?’

So Brian Kieran’s theory about B.C. Conservative party John Cummins’ is that he is all about revenge? That sounds familiar

Re: Kieran Report: Cummins’ revenge will be Liberal defeat; Dec. 29 – Jan. 4

So Brian Kieran’s theory about B.C. Conservative party John Cummins’ is that he is all about revenge? That sounds familiar – didn’t people say that about the taxation spoiler Bill Vander Zalm, the supposed right winger who colluded with the NDP?

The various “conservative” parties in B.C. are mercantilist. While claiming to want less government, they still want to control individuals. So they are just stronger versions of the mercantilism of the B.C. “Liberal” party. The big question is “why are people supporting John Cummins?” Certainly B.C. “Liberals” Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen, and government bureaucrats, have botched many things, including revenue forecasts followed by panicking into forcing a different tax regime. Certainly they haven’t been better than NDPers at administering.

Overall polling numbers show the NDP has not gained strength, and its leader is not favoured more than the party. Their behaviour is bizarre, including fawning over their failed premier who set B.C. Ferries back many years by not listening to advice that fast catamarans are not suitable for short runs near populated areas. Their head is in the clouds, which is where Marxist notions come from.

Are business people hoping to develop something better out of the B.C. Conservative party and its newest loose-cannon leader? I don’t think it is possible in the short term.

Keith Sketchley, Saanich

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