Letter – Island joy

Re: Editor's Note: Alberta thumbs its rose, Feb. 16-22.

Island joy

Re: Editor’s Note: Alberta thumbs its rose, Feb. 16-22.

Wonderful Editor’s Note. I moved to the Island Sept. 1, 2011 from Alberta. Here are some of the other reasons to live on the Island!

1. Calgarians do not stop or pull over for red lights and sirens.

2. Try paying for anything in Calgary and you have to deal with the rudest of servers.

3.If you ride a bike, you really have no rights to bike on a road.

4. Try and get on the LRT with a disabled person … they are like a herd of cattle.

Living on the Island has a been a wonderful change for me. Polite drivers, servers and a smile on mostly all faces! Such a Joy!

Jacquie Sorensen-Beaule,Victoria