CAPRICORN – Georgia Nichols’ predictions for 2016

Capricorn year ahead for 2016



Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

“I’m not a paranoid deranged millionaire. Goddammit, I’m a billionaire!”

Howard Hughes (Dec. 24, 1905 to April 5, 1976)

Does your Past Predict Your Future?

You are a perfectionist. Details matter. Results matter. Everything matters. You want credit for what you do because you want respect from your peers. Older Capricorns will hearken back to around 1989-90, when you set off on a new path. Your world was so different then your daily wardrobe might have changed. (You like to fit in and are quick to adapt to the status quo.) In 1993-96, you changed jobs, residences or both. Fortunately, you impressed others. Many got a promotion or garnered the respect of important people. By 1997-98, you had to secure your home base. Sure enough, in 1999, you explored real-estate possibilities or improved your home scene. By 2006-08, you were struggling because the resources of others were cut off from you. In 2008, lucky Jupiter returned to your sign boosting your confidence and attracting opportunities to you. You were able to use these to enjoy your time of harvest in 2011. You improved your job in 2014; and last year was a wonderful time to get money from others (loans, a mortgage or fundraising.) You are a shrewd negotiator.


Wealth, Career and Reputation

You hate waste. You are fixated on achieving your goals. You respect the status quo, and you want respect from the status quo. The true meaning of the word career is your life path because it is based on the old French word, carrier, meaning ‘highway.’ So whether you have a slave wage job or you are retired  – you have a career. This is a significant time in your life because beginning last year, you entered a three-year window where you will get rid of what is no longer relevant in your life – jobs, homes, friendships, partnerships and even countries. Do not think of this as loss but rather as a time of lightening up and freeing yourself so that you will be performance ready to begin a new world in 2018. Your primary objective is to finish up things. Circumstances will compel you to do so. Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter will push you beyond your boundaries! Travel, especially travel to foreign countries will delight you. This year extensive travel will teach you something which can affect your job and career. This is your year to get performance ready for next year. This year is an excellent time to go back to school or take a course to enhance your world and make you better equipped to grab opportunities that come your way in the future.

Love, Partnerships and Friends

Your demeanor sometimes makes others think you are detached and cool. Actually, you’re passionate and you want intimacy! Fortunately, this year, lucky Jupiter will encourage long-distance relationships or romance with someone from another culture. It can also make you be impressed with money and wealth. Be careful, because if you marry for money, you pay a high price. Meanwhile, Saturn will trigger changes that force you to let go of relationships that are more trouble than they are worth. You might say goodbye to someone either by choice or because circumstances dictate it. This year you could have difficulties with friends because you might resent group pressures or you might find it difficult to work with others. Competition with someone might also get in the way. Generally, you work well with groups, but this year you don’t want to take a backseat position to anyone. Furthermore, you want credit for what you do! Next year, things will look different because you will appear to be successful. In fact, this appearance of success will begin late this year for many of you. Success is so seductive, isn’t it?

Home and Family

Home and family are important to you. Your challenge this year will be to wrap up loose ends and face inevitable situations that force you to let go of things. You will go through cupboards, closets, lockers and garages to get rid of what you no longer need. It’s important to remember that there are two major influences this year. As you let go of what is no longer useful to you, remind yourself that you are lightening your load so that you can begin something new in 2018 with fresh vigor. Secondly, at this time, you want to be light on your feet so that you can take advantage of all kinds of new opportunities. This is a time of preparation for next year, when your reputation is shining! So as you go through the process of downsizing, remember what is coming up next year in 2017 and the following year in 2018. Therefore, as this cycle ends, it is also a time of preparation for what is to come.

A Sneak Peek Beyond

Next year is a fabulous year because lucky Jupiter will travel across the top of your chart promoting your reputation and your status in your community and among your peers. Since this wonderful influence will not come again until 2027, make the most of this! In 2018, you will begin a 30-year journey, wherein you will virtually reinvent yourself in the first eight years. (The last time this happened was in 1988-89.)

My Capricorn Mantra for 2016

“Everything I do this year is in preparation for my future success.”

Mercury Retrograde Dates in 2016

Expect delays, lost items and confused communications! Best to finish things, not begin them. These are poor times to buy cars, trucks, bikes, computers, printers and phones. [Dates below are actual retrograde dates and buffer dates. Why buffer dates? Mercury slows down before it goes retrograde and then it needs to catch up to where it was at when it first went retrograde. Use buffer times to avoid big purchases like cars.]

* Jan. 5 – 25 (Buffer times:  Jan.1 –  Feb. 14)

* April 28 – May 22 (Buffer times: April 19 – June 8)

* Aug. 30 – Sept. 22 (Buffer times: Aug. 18 – Oct. 6)

* Dec. 19 – Jan. 8 (Buffer times: Dec. 11 – Jan 28)

Lucky Days for 2016

Jan 8, 9, 10

February 5, 6

March 3, 4, 30, 31

April 27, 28

May 24, 25

June 20, 21, 22

July 18, 19

August 14, 15

September 10, 11, 12

October 8, 9

November 4, 5

December 1, 2, 3, 28, 29, 30


Who Shares My Birthday?


22 Meghan Trainor 1993

23 Catriona Le May Doan 1970

24 Mark Miller 1969

25 Justin Trudeau 1971

26 Chris Daughtry 1979

27 Emilie de Ravin 1981

28 Sienna Miller 1981

29 Ted Danson 1947

30 Stephen Leacock 1869

31 Diane von Furstenberg 1945



1 Colin Morgan 1986

2 Kate Bosworth 1983

3 Nicole Beharie 1985

4 Harlan Coben 1962

5 Bradley Cooper 1975

6 E. L. Doctorow 1931

7 Merritt Wever 1980

8 Terry Brooks 1944

9 J. K. Simmons 1955

10 Rod Stewart 1945

11 Diana Gabaldon 1952

12 Christiane Amanpour 1958

13 Shonda Rhimes 1970

14 Steven Soderbergh 1963

15 Andre Alexis 1957

16 Kate Moss 1874

17 Betty White 1922

18 Jason Segal 1980

19 Dolly Parton 1946