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Sip and swirl

Popular Victoria International Wine Festival here this weekend

This year, the Victoria International Wine Festival expands to a new venue and extends its border with a key regional partner, Washington State Wines, to showcase Victoria’s most extensive international wine tasting event to date.

Brush up on your vintages and expand your personal and professional sommelier skills with a wine portfolio including over 400 wines from 13 different countries.

The festival showcases three tasting sessions (each lasting 2.5 hours), four seminars, and three wine dinners.

Stepping up into a larger space, the festival moves to the beautiful industrial, heritage surrounds of Victoria’s historic rail roundhouse, the Car Shop at Bayview Place. Guests can expect to tour the historic buildings while sipping and learning about everything from tasting to terroir. Aiming to increase guests’ wine knowledge while highlighting affordable wines, sommeliers will mingle with attendees throughout the festival grounds, assisting tasters by answering questions, making suggestions, and facilitating new finds. The Victoria International Wine Festival is proud to welcome all types of wine palate—from beginner to connoisseur—and strives to include something for everyone!

A first for Victoria, the festival’s partnership with Washington State Wines is being enthusiastically welcomed as the 2022 regional feature. A dedicated section at the festival will highlight wines poured by principals from this region, with two seminars showcasing three generations of Washington State Wines.

“We focus on creating an environment that is a welcoming place to sample wine for everyone,” says David Bain, festival director. “We want people to be able to gain knowledge about new wines in a format that isn’t intimidating; we then match this experience with another, where wines selected by a panel of sommeliers will impress even the most experienced wine enthusiast.”

The Victoria International Wine Festival takes place September 23 and 24 at the Car Shop at Bayview Place. Tickets are limited, and the festival has sold out every year, well in advance of the event! Tickets are on sale now at: