Jim Byrnes handout

Musical treasures

Musician Jim Byrnes plays at the Mary Winspear, joined by Simon Kendall

  • Apr. 22, 2022 7:30 a.m.

A three-time JUNO-award winner and BC Entertainment Hall of Famer, Jim Byrnes lives and breathes music. For nearly 50 years he’s crooned, drawled, belted, hollered and sweet-talked more songs into a microphone than most people ever get to hear in a lifetime.

And he plays the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney on April 22.

Byrnes has amassed a stellar collection of true blue hits including “12 Questions,” “Walk on Boy,” “Still Stuck on You,” “Jailbird Love Song,” “Me and Piney Brown,” “Four Until Late,” “Love is Just a Gamble,” “Of Whom Shall I be Afraid,” “That River,” “Stardust,” “Talk in Circles” and “Just a Pilgrim,” winner of Canadian Spotlight Awards’ best music video of the year (2006).

His evocative themes and smoky vocals reveal a truth that doesn’t come overnight. The sheer joy you can hear in the music he creates is a reason to celebrate Byrnes as a living musical treasure.

From his numerous TV and movie roles to his award-winning albums and a staggering list of accolades, it is little wonder Axs Magazine declares, “Jim Byrnes shows that he just might be the next singer-songwriter you mention to all your friends.”

For more about Byrnes visit: jimbyrnes.ca.

Byrnes’ full band show will also feature Simon Kendall. A mainstay of the Vancouver music scene, he’s played in everything from psychedelic teen hippie bands to the upstart Doug and The Slugs.

Fifteen years as the Doug and The Slugs’ music director and keyboardist, Kendall contributed to the creation of four gold albums and a number of Canadian top-40 hits, most notably “Who Knows How To Make Love Stay,” “Making It Work,” “Tomcat Prowl” and “Too Bad,” which saw a revival as the theme song for the ABC sitcom The Norm Show (1999-2001).

Kendall recently formed the instrumental R&B group Sharkskin, with three members of the Odds, and currently divides his time between composing, producing and performing.

For more about Kendall visit: simonkendall.com.

Tickets and information for the show are available at: marywinspear.ca.