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January 7 2020 -  Tasting beer with Joe Wiebe, a Beets by Sinden Beet Sour from Electric Biccyle (L) and a Humans Hazy IPA from Parkside Brewing, at Refuge Tap Room on Fort Street.

A Matter of Beer with Mathieu Poirier

Seasonally, it’s time for those dark, rich beers

  • Dec. 26, 2022 7:30 a.m.

Beer column by Mathieu Poirier

Well, after a very brief autumn, it’s almost time for Christmas. For the first time in a few years, that means we’ll likely be meeting up with friends, family, co-workers and more. So once again, it’s time to pick some good beers to share, enjoy and discuss, instead of the wine we’ve always defaulted to.

Seasonally, it’s time for those dark, rich beers. Strong to warm the soul, sweet to bring more richness to the night, notes of wood to match the fires in our hearts, and perfect to split among many people to bring us all together.

Category 12 has been releasing its Quantum and Continuum series for a couple of years now, with imperial stouts and wheat wines that come as a variety of two different beers. With a shift to cans this year instead of bottles, it will be even easier to bring a pack to share and try the different versions side by side.

Another annual release, ever-changing year by year, is Lighthouse Brewing’s Depth Charge. This year the brew is an Oak-Aged Imperial Red Rum Ale, which just sounds like a fantastic melding of wood, sweetness, warming and spice that will go great alongside any dessert, or on its own.

There are unconfirmed rumours that we might not see a new Singularity from Driftwood in the new year, but they’ve decided to put out a couple of treats that might make up for it. There is a gift pack available at the brewery that consists of this past year’s bottlings of Singularity and Old Cellar Dweller, as a nice combination to enjoy at this time of year or to hold on to for later, and they’ve also released a new Belgian Quadrupel. Impression, which it is sure to make, is an 11.5 peer cent beer with rich notes of plum, sugar and a dry, sparkling finish.

Finally, if you like your coffee and you like it in your beers, Moon Under Water has re-released their Shaft Imperial Espresso Stout. Notes of coffee, vanilla and roasted malts shine as a great treat to finish the night. This one comes in that classic 650 ml bottle that will be great to split among friends.

Whatever you bring, whatever you drink, and whoever you spend your time with, enjoy it and do so safely and responsibly. Plan for a safe ride home, have a fantastic holiday season, and we can all look forward to 2023.