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Time to dust off the leisure suit

The Australian Bee Gees will take you back in time with timeless tunes
The Australian Bee Gees is made up of Michael Clift (a.k.a. Barry Gibb), David Scott (a.k.a. Robin Gibb) and Wayne Hosking (a.k.a. Maurice Gibb). (Photo contributed)

Tim Collins/Contributor

The Disco Era.

It was a time of leisure suits, discotheques and dancing.

It was a time of repetitive vocals and rhythmic music that offered 120 beats a minute, and catchy tunes that were the backdrop for the times.

Drum sets, bass guitars and synthesizers combined to give disco enthusiasts a chance to “shake what your mama gave you” on a dance floor illuminated by a mirrored ball suspended above the dance floor.

This was the era that gave us the unforgettable music of the Brothers Gibb – the Bee Gees.

With songs like ‘Stayin’ Alive,’ ‘Night Fever’ and ‘You Should Be Dancing,’ the Bee Gees provided the soundtrack for the 1970s and it’s a soundtrack that lives on, even today.

That’s one of the reasons that the tribute band The Australian Bee Gees is one of the most successful and adored acts on the Vegas strip.

The group is made up of Michael Clift (a.k.a. Barry Gibb), David Scott (a.k.a. Robin Gibb) and Wayne Hosking (a.k.a. Maurice Gibb) and, when they take the stage, the audience is taken back in time to those joyful nights on the dance floor. The group’s authentic take on the original trio’s clothes, style and moves showcases decades of the Bee Gees’ success, a success that made them rock and disco legends.

Originally from Australia, Clift, Scott and Hosking formed the Bee Gees tribute group because “nobody else was doing it” and because, well, they loved the music. They landed in Las Vegas in 2011 and have become a regular feature at the Excalibur since that time.

The group has made a home in Vegas, where they regularly participate in fundraising for a host of charities but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have time to tour. Their current Canadian tour will see them performing 17 concerts in venues stretching from Halifax to Victoria.

The Australian Bee Gees will be performing for one show only at the McPherson Playhouse on Oct. 15. Tickets and more information are available at

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