weekly music listings June 23-29

weekly music listings June 23-29

  • Jun. 22, 2011 6:00 p.m.

weekly music listings June 23-29



Thurs. June 23

Redmond O’Colonies – Acoustic guitar. Please call ahead. 6:30pm at English Inn. Free.

The SWEET LOWDOWN – CD release party.  7:30pm at the Victoria Event Centre. $12/$10.

Double Platinum – Wishful thinking? 9pm at Ocean Island Cafe. Free.

Watering Dead Flowers – Seems to be a little confused about how this whole “gardening” thing works. With Next Whensday and Sea-Sekshun. 9pm at V-lounge. $8/$7.

Dirt Nasty – Chinese comedy pop. With Andre Legacy, Pocket Kings and ill an I. 9pm at Club 9one9. $20.

The Dyeing Merchants – Shoe-gazer indie. With DT Jackson and KHBR. 10pm at Rehab. $9/$5.

Zolabud – International pop. With Handsome Distraction and Body Politic. 10pm at Logan’s. $7.

Luke McKeehan – Down-tempo indie-house. With J-feud, Thom Banks. Strictly House Music. 10:00pm at Hush. $8.

Fri. june 24

Jazzfest 2011 – Ten days of the best of jazz. Performers include Cocojafro, Rockland Moran, Christian McBride and more! To July 3. Detailed schedule information at jazzvictoria.ca for more information.

Jenn Grant – Doesn’t believe in genres. With Sheroams. 8pm at Lucky. $15.

Sugarfix – Now  aspartame-free! 9pm at Waterwheel Pub. Free.

The return of the Mags – Garage blues-rock. Gypsy Hack and Insomniacs, the MAGS, The Roles Models, Absolute Underground TV episode. 10pm at Logan’s. $10.

Dj Mark Farina – Techno. With Mr. Moe. 10pm at Hush. $17.

Sat. june 25

2011 mr. & miss gay vancouver island pageant – Along with the Mr. & Ms. Paparazzi pageant. 8pm at Paparazzi. Free.

Henry & the Nightcrawlers – Indie pop. With BoneHoof and The Wild Eggs. 8pm at The Fort Cafe. $7.

Gary Preston BA – Pfft, only a BA? Live Blues. 8pm at Upper Deck. Free.

Bloodied But Unbowed – Screening of the punk rock documentary by Suzanne Tabata. With East Vamps & Spokie Delune’s rock and roll burlesque show. 8pm at Lucky. $12.

The Shorty Parker Band – Does he ever wish he was a little bit taller? 9pm at Waterwheel Pub. Free.

MD Wren & the sick kids – Eves of Destruction Rollerderby after-party. Rockabilly country-punk. With The Loose Cannnons and The Tower of Dudes. 10pm at Logan’s. $10.

Lori J Ward – Minimalist house-pop. 10pm at Hush. $TBA.

Sun. June 26

The Crystal Method – Breakbeat. With The Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness. 9pm at 9one9. $20.

Eamon McGrath – Hard-core post-punk blues. With Smith & Lyseng. 10pm at Lucky. $8.

mon. June 27

Laila Biali Trio – 8:30pm at Hermann’s. $23.

OKA – A key ingredient in Cajun-style gumbo. 9:30pm at Harpo’s. $25.

TUES. June 28

C’MON – “C’mon Warshark” is a better band name, but then there would be only one. With Warshark. 9:30pm at Logan’s. $10.

Wed. June 29

TALK IS CHEAP – But diamonds are forever. 9pm at Logan’s. Free.

Naomi Nice – House. With Ness-T and Capital Khaos. 10pm at Hush. $5.



Open Mic – Open to all musicians. THURSDAYS 6pm at Paradiso Di Stelle. Free.

THursday blend JAM- Any and all string players welcome. Hosted by Rick Van Krugel. THURSDAYS 7pm at the Well. Free.

Carolyn Mark – Country punk. All ages. THURSDAYS 8pm at The Fort Cafe. $7.

Open Mic – Scott Longworth hosts an open forum for original tunes. All ages. THURSDAYS 8pm at the Fernwood Inn. Free.

Karaoke – Hosted by Brandon. THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS & SUNDAYS 8pm at Upper Deck. Free.

NYPD – A lethal dance party with Kenzie Clarke. THURSDAYS 10pm at Lucky. $TBA.

BLUEGRASS BRUNCH – Hosted by the Stowaways. SATURDAYS 1:30pm at Logan’s. Free.

Solid! – Dance your ass off with DJ Longshanks. SATURDAYS 10pm at Lucky. $TBA.

Sunday Blues Jam – Hosted by the Deb Rhymer Band. SUNDAYS 2pm at the Strath’s Clubhouse. Free.

Hootenanny – Join Carolyn Mark for some first-rate hootenannin’. With Luther Wright, Hank Pine & Lily Fawn, Marco Bozenich, Mich “Stompin Tom” Anderson and more. SUNDAYS 4:30pm-midnight at Logan’s. Free.

jack’s Open Mic SUNDAYS –

Welcoming atmosphere. SUNDAYS 7pm at Serious Coffee (230 Cook). Free.

Bluegrass Sunday – Hosted by The Stowaways Duo. SUNDAYS 8pm at Ocean Island Café. Free.

open mic – Hosted by Steve Barries. MONDAYS 9pm at Logan’s. Free.

Jam Session – Play till you can’t play no more! All ages. MONDAYS 9pm at Ocean Island Café Lounge. Free.

Karaoke Idol – Third round of Paparazzi Nightclub’s annual four-week competition. MONDAYS 10pm at Paparazzi. Free.

90210 Mondays – DJs Jay Somethin’ and Levi Somethin’ Else spin all your favourite pre-mollenium classics. MONDAYS 10pm at Lucky. $TBA.

INDUSTRY UNDERGROUND – Electro-step and funky house. With Soulfix and Chino. MONDAYS 10pm at Hush. $TBA.

Open Mic – Hosted by David and Katherine. TUESDAYS 7pm at The Well. $3.

Open Mic – Bring your friends, grab a drink and listen to music. TUESDAYS 8-11:30pm at Whitebird Lounge. Free.

OPEN STAGE – Acoustic or electric, solo or with your band. Amps, drums, piano provided. Dylan Stone hosts. WEDNESDAYS 8:30pm at the Fort Café. Free.

Open Mic Night – Musical madness! Sign up with our host Jack. WEDNESDAYS 9pm at Ocean Island Café. Free.

Open Jam – With the Front Porch String Pickin’ Band. WEDNESDAYS 9pm at Tudor House. Free.

Goth/Industrial DJ Night –

Give it all you’ve goth. With Boneshaker. WEDNESDAYS 9pm at Paparazzi. $3.




Thurs. June 23

Minds at Work – Music with a summer theme. 7pm Thursday at Eric Martin Theatre (2328 Trent). Free. 250-592-5114.

Fri. june 24

Cynthia Davis & The Sugar Blues Band – Concerts in the Park Kickoff. 1:30pm at the Cameron Bandshell (Beacon Hill Park). Free. victoria.ca.

Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra – Performing Beethoven, Brahms and Dvorak. FRIDAY 8pm at Sooke Community Theatre (6218 Sooke) & SATURDAY 8pm at Alix Goolden Hall (907 Pandora). $18/$15. 250-642-2849.

Sat. june 25

Linda Gould Trio – Jazz in the Park. 1:30pm at Cameron Bandshell (Beacon Hill Park). Free. victoria.ca.

Sun. June 26

Greater Victoria Concert Band – Part of Concerts in the Park. 1:30pm at the Cameron Bandshell (Beacon Hill Park). Free. victoria.ca.

Chamber Music in the Country – Cellist Shauna Rolston, known worldwide for her passionate intensity and brilliant technique. 2:30pm at First Unitarian Church, (5575 West Saanich). $20/$17. 250-413-3134.

Steve Oda – Indian classical music. 7pm at David Lam Auditorium, UVic. $15/$10. 250-721-2672.

Jazz Vespers – 7:30pm at St. Philip Anglican Church (2928 Eastdowne). By donation. 250-592-6823.

Island songwriter contest semifinals – Contestant performances. 7:30pm at Norway Hours (1110 Hillside). $5.

mon. June 27


The University of the Philippines Madrigal Singers perform. 7pm at the First Metropolitan United Church (932 Balmoral). $25. 250-514-4426.

Wed. June 29

Klondike Kate – Concert in the Park. 1:30pm at Cameron Bandshell (Beacon Hill Park). Free.

Anela Kahiamoe – Hawaiian Slack Key Guitarist. 5:30pm at Vista 18 (740 Burdett). $25. 250-381-4131.


Dinner music


Bard & Banker – Tyler Harvey THURSDAY. The Ramblers FRIDAY-SATURDAY. Geoffrey Lundstrom WEDNESDAY. All shows 8pm.

bartholomew’s – Harris Gilmore & The Mojos FRIDAY-SATURDAY 9pm.

The Bleue Coyote – Rock Of Ages SATRUDAY 8:30pm.

Canoe Brewpub – The Adults THURSDAY 9:30pm. DJ Primitive FRIDAY. DJ Ram SATURDAY. Steve Chmilar MONDAY 7:30pm. DJ Draft Punk WEDNESDAY. All shows start at 9pm, unless otherwise noted.

Fernwood inn – The Sweet Lowdown TUESDAY 8pm.

glo europub – Ashley Wey Trio SATURDAY 8pm.

Heron rock bistro – Clark Brendon Trio FRIDAY 7:30pm. John MacArthur & Maureen Washington. MONDAY 7pm.

Hotel grand pacific – Aurora Scott FRIDAY-SATURDAY. Terra Hazleton MONDAY. All shows 9:30pm.

IRISH TIMES – Tom Hooper THURSDAY. Jeremy Walsh & Calvin Cairns FRIDAY & SATURDAY. Qristina & Quinn Bachand SUNDAY 7:30pm. All shows 8pm, unless otherwise noted.

Ocean Pointe Resort – Jazz piano featuring Karel Roessingh. FRIDAY & SATURDAY 6-9pm.

The Office – Momentum THURSDAY. Damian Graham Trio  FRIDAY-SATURDAY. Coco Jafro MONDAY. Paul Black TUESDAY. Skyla J & the Vibes WEDNESDAY. All shows 10pm.


Pagliacci’s – Tiddish Columbia State Orchestra TUESDAY 8pm.

Penny Farthing – Jan Stirling THURSDAY-SATURDAY 8pm.

Six Mile Pub – Black Angus FRIDAY 7:30pm.

Strath’s clubhouse – Country night with DJ Clinton THURSDAY 9pm.The Sutcliffes WEDNESDAY 8:30pm.

The Superior – Dream Cab: Figments (Live Cabaret). SATURDAY-SUNDAY 7 & 9pm. $20. Colin Nealis and the Pocket Orchestra SUNDAY 12pm.

Swan’s – The Bill Johnson Blues Band FRIDAY. Soul Shakers fea. Joyce the Voice SATURDAY 9pm. The Moonshiners SUNDAY 8:30pm . Flying Saucers MONDAY. Light Sweet Crude TUESDAY. All shows start 9pm unless otherwise noted.

The Spiral – Open mic THURSDAY 6-9pm. Story time for kids SUNDAY 10:30-11am. Spiral Groove string classics MONDAY 7:30-9:30pm. Swing orchestra WEDNESDAY 7:30-9:30pm. By donation.

the superior – Oliver Swain THURSDAY. Miranda Sage FRIDAY. Dream Cab SATURDAY 7pm & 9pm, SUNDAY 8pm. Pocket Orchestra SUNDAY noon-2pm. Bill Johnson TUESDAY. Evan Crofton WEDNESDAY. All shows 7pm and by donation unless otherwise noted.

vista 18 – Lust Life Trio FRIDAY-SATURDAY. Rockland Moran SUNDAY-MONDAY. Eric Hughes Trio TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY. All shows 8pm.

Strath’s clubhouse – Country Christmas with DJ Clinton THURSDAY 9pm. Deb Rhymer Boxing Day Jam SUNDAY 2pm. The Sutcliffes WEDNESDAY 8:30pm.

The office – The Ramblers THURSDAY 9pm. Skyla J & The Vibes WEDNESDAY 9pm.

the superior – Sunyata THURSDAY. The Fourth Annual Fiddle Jam, with Miss Emma and her fiddle friends FRIDAY. Kelby MacNayr TUESDAY. Colin and Ida WENDESDAY. All shows 6:30pm.

Swan’s – Tom Lang Band THURSDAY. The Moonshiners  SUNDAY 8:30pm. Flying Saucers MONDAY. Light Sweet Crude  TUESDAY.House Cats  WEDNESDAY. All shows start 9pm unless otherwise noted.

Whitebird Lounge – Open Mic with Tanya Brooks TUESDAY. Dj Rhythmicon WEDNESDAY All at 8pm.