Weekly Music Listings Dec. 29- Jan. 4

Weekly Music Listings Dec. 29- Jan. 4 featuring Gigs, Concerts and Dinner Music.

  • Dec. 28, 2011 8:00 a.m.
Cheers and happy Hogmanay from Monday Magazine!

Cheers and happy Hogmanay from Monday Magazine!



Thurs. Dec. 29

The Harbour sound – Pop-punk metalcore. With Nevermear and Saturday Night Shark Fight. 9:30pm at Logan’s. $8.


Fri. Dec. 30

Watering Dead Flowers – You’re doin’ in wrong. With Next Whensday and Deckard Cain. 9:30pm at The Cambie. $5.

Clunt & the Scrunts – Say that three times fast. With guests. 10pm at Logan’s. $8.

Rock Steady – Party Band. 9pm at the Log House Pub. Free.

Sat. Dec. 31

Victoria Jazz All-Stars – Featuring Ian McDougall, Louise Rose and more. 5-8pm at Hermann’s. $45/$40 U-Jam/$23 kids 18 and under.

New Year’s Eve Carnie Party –

Rock. With Big John Bates, The Stockers, Shakedown and Bloody Betty. 9pm at Monty’s. $20.

Life of the Party – New Year’s Eve Party. With Splinter. 9pm at the Shark Club. $15.

Cold Sweat – Dance rock. 10pm at Soprano’s. $TBA.

NEW YEARS EVE 2012 – Techno. With Bitchin’, Lyssa & Moses, and April-O. 10pm at Hush. $20.

Heavy Metal New Years Bash- Metal. With the Pantera tribute band Regular People and guests. 10pm at the Fox. $15.

NYE Bash! – Garage punk. With The Poor Choices, Bells & Cannons, Spkrfkr and guests. 10:30pm at Logan’s. $10.

Wed. Jan. 4

DJ Rufino- Raw soul, funk, dub and dancehall. 9pm at Logan’s. Free.


Acoustic Jam – With Dylan Stone. 6pm THURSDAYS at The Cambie. Free.

Open Mic – Open to all musicians. THURSDAYS 6pm at Paradiso Di Stelle. Free.

THursday blend JAM- Any and all string players welcome. Hosted by Rick Van Krugel. THURSDAYS 7pm at the Well. Free.

Open Mic – Scott Longworth hosts an open forum for original tunes. All ages. THURSDAYS 8pm at the Fernwood Inn. Free.

Karaoke – Hosted by Brandon. THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS & SUNDAYS 8pm at Upper Deck. Free.

Theory – Dubstep. With AFL & Spoon. THURSDAYS 9pm at Hush. $TBA.

NYPD – A lethal dance party with Kenzie Clarke. THURSDAYS 10pm at Lucky. $TBA.

Open Jam – FRIDAYS 8pm at the langford Legion (761 Station). $TBA.

Saturday Afternoon Jam – Hosted by Ian & Carolynn McDowell. SATURDAYS 2pm at V-Lounge. Free.

BLUEGRASS BRUNCH – Hosted by the Stowaways. SATURDAYS 2pm at Logan’s. Free.

Blues Jam – Hosted by Summer and the Sinners. SATURDAYS 3pm at My Bar and Grill. Free.

Solid! – Dance your ass off with DJ Longshanks. SATURDAYS 10pm at Lucky. $TBA.

Sunday Blues Jam – Hosted by the Deb Rhymer Band. SUNDAYS 2pm at the Strath’s Clubhouse. Free.

Rock Jam – With Jackson Traplin. 3pm SUNDAYS at The Cambie. Free.

Hootenanny – Join Carolyn Mark for some first-rate hootenannin’. SUNDAYS 4:30pm-midnight at Logan’s. Free.

jack’s Open Mic SUNDAYS –

Welcoming atmosphere. SUNDAYS 7pm at Serious Coffee (230 Cook). Free.

Bluegrass Sunday – Hosted by The Stowaways Duo. SUNDAYS 8pm at Ocean Island Café. Free.

open mic – Hosted by Steve Barries. MONDAYS 9pm at Logan’s. Free.

Jamaroke – Karaoke with a live band (Party on High Street). MONDAY 9pm a Felicita’s. $3.

Jam Session – Play till you can’t play no more! All ages. MONDAYS 9pm at Ocean Island Café Lounge. Free.

Karaoke – With your hosts Stacey and Thor. 10pm at Paparazzi. Free.

90210 Mondays – DJs Jay Somethin’ and Levi Somethin’ Else spin all your favourite pre-millenium classics. MONDAYS 10pm at Lucky. $TBA.

INDUSTRY UNDERGROUND – Electro-step and funky house. With Soulfix and Chino. MONDAYS 10pm at Hush. $TBA.

Open Mic – Hosted by Katherine & David. TUESDAYS 6pm at The Well. By Donation.

B flat acoustic jam – The music sounds better with you. TUESDAYS 7:30pm at Slider’s (3115 Cedar Hill). Free.

Open Mic – Bring your friends, grab a drink and listen to music. TUESDAYS 8-11:30pm at Whitebird Lounge. Free.

Karaoke – Hosted by Tina Turnover. TUESDAYS 8pm at The Castle. Free.

My Bar Karaoke Star – $500 prize for first place. With Miss Liz Barrett. TUESDAYS 8pm at My Bar & Grill. Free.

OPEN STAGE – Acoustic or electric, solo or with your band. Amps, drums, piano provided. Dylan Stone hosts. WEDNESDAYS 8:30pm at the Fort Café. Free.

Zipp Gunn & Ghostbelly  – Spinning ska, rocksteady, early reggae, soul & funk. WEDNESDAYS 9pm at Logan’s. Free.

Open Mic Night – Musical madness! Sign up with our host Jack. WEDNESDAYS 9pm at Ocean Island Café. Free.

Boneshaker – Goth and industrial DJ night. 9pm at Paparazzi. $TBA.




Thurs. Dec. 29

Craigdarroch Castle – Paul O’Brien THURSDAY 11:30am, Two Wide Men 1:30pm. Allison Vardy FRIDAY 11:30am, Dance Hall Players 1:30pm. Scottish Heritage Day SATURDAY 11:30am, Celtic Reflections 1:30pm. $5-$14. All at 1050 Joan. 250-592-5323.

Sat. Dec. 31

New Year’s Eve – Featuring the Soul Shakers. 8:30pm at the Ambrosia Event Centre (638 Fisgaard). $40. 250-475-1948.

Sun. Jan. 1

New Year’s Music for Meditation- Reflective music-making, rooted in Celtic tradition. Featuring Denis Donnelly and Lanny Pollet. 2-4pm at the First Metropolitan United Church (932 Balmoral). $10. 250-388-5188.

A VIENNESE NEW YEAR’S – A New Year’s Day concert  full of romantic waltzes, songs and talent. 2:30pm at the Royal Theatre (805 Broughton). $43. 250-386-6121.


Dinner music


Bard & Banker – Tom Hooper THURSDAY 8:30pm. Run for Cover FRIDAY-SATURDAY 9pm. Lola Parks MONDAY 8pm.

bartholomew’s – Rainshadow THURSDAY. New Years Eve with Rock Of Ages SATURDAY. Tucker Band SUNDAYS 6:30pm. Havanna Club Live TUESDAYS. Paul Wainright WEDNESDAYS. All shows 8:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Canoe Brewpub – Lindsay Bryan FRIDAY, $5. New Year’s Eve party with The Sardines SATURDAY, $30. All shows 9pm unless otherwise stated.

Fernwood inn – Avram Devon McCagherty MONDAY 8pm.

glo europub – Ashley Wey Trio SATURDAY 8pm.

Heron Rock Bistro – John MacArthur FRIDAY. Reuben Wier Trio SATURDAY. All shows 7pm.

Irish Times – Black Angus THURSDAY-SATURDAY 7:30pm. Lola Parks WEDNESDAY 7pm.

Kulu Restaurant- Lust Life Trio SATURDAY 8pm.

Ocean Pointe Resort – Jazz piano Bill Mulley FRIDAY 6-9pm SATURDAY 7-9pm. The Karel Roessingh Trio SATURDAY 9pm-12:30am.

Strath’s clubhouse – DJ Bellyfish THURSDAY. The Sutcliffes WEDNESDAY. All at 9pm.

Swan’s – Summer and the Sinners THURSDAY. Younger than Yesterday FRIDAY. New Year’s Eve with Freefall SATURDAY. The Moonshiners SUNDAY. Flying Saucers MONDAY. Rock Island Ramblers TUESDAY. House Cats WEDNESDAY. All shows start 9pm unless otherwise noted.

Swiftsure Lounge- Randy Tucker Band SATURDAY 3:30pm.

The Office – Rooftop Runners THURSDAY 8:30pm. Beats Bass + Voice FRIDAY 9pm. New Year’s Bash SATURDAY 9:30pm, $55. Skylab WEDNESDAY 8:30pm.

The Spiral – Open mic THURSDAY 6:30-9pm, free. Spiral Groove, MONDAY 7-9:30pm. Spiral Swing Orchestra WEDNESDAY 7:30pm. All by donation unless otherwise noted.

The Superior – Shark en Ciel THURSDAY. Oliver Swain FRIDAY & SATURDAY. Paul Laverick WEDNESDAYS. All shows 7pm.

Vista 18 – Chris Sartisohn & the Cold Cut Combo FRIDAY. New Year’s Eve on top SATURDAY. All at 8pm.