INTERIOR STYLE- Sheri Peterson

Colour me green

  • Dec 18, 2014

Fashion – Dress to impress

There are only a few occasions in life where you get to dress like you are going to the Oscars

  • Nov 20, 2014

INTERIOR STYLE- Sheri Peterson

Go Local for your kitchen renovation

  • Nov 20, 2014

MERCHANT OF COOL: Fig Mediterranean Deli

Yasser Youssef shows of his delicious food at his growing business on Cedar Hill X Road

  • Sep 23, 2014

INTERIOR STYLE: Sheri Peterson

Upholstered seating: Sitting pretty with the classics

  • Sep 23, 2014

Falling hard for fall fashion

Monday fashion columnist Laura Mitbrodt checks out what's in style this fall

  • Sep 23, 2014


Quinton Gordon, of Luz Studios, talks about his love of analogue photography

  • Jul 24, 2014

INTERIOR STYLE: Sheri Peterson

UNDERFOOT: What’s down for the wet spaces in your home

  • Jul 23, 2014


Victoria Pedicab Company owner Andrew Capeau believes Victoria is perfectly suited for slower-paced tours

INTERIOR STYLE: Sheri Peterson

Don't be a square; try a new tile on your home's exterior

  • Jun 20, 2014


The classic diner is still twisting like it's 1958

  • Jun 20, 2014

MERCHANT OF COOL: Lovely Things Vintage

Funky fun vintage

  • May 22, 2014

INTERIOR STYLE ACCENT PIECES: the icing on the cake

Often when I am looking for that standalone piece, I have a few favourite places I can count on to make my search more fun.

  • Mar 20, 2014

WEST COAST WARDROBE – Spring forward

Monday launches a new fashion column this month with the modern man in mind

WEST COAST STYLE – Classic tunes

Much like an ensemble working in unison to produce a sweet melody, orchestrating a successful outfit can be just as creatively satisfying.

Fashion: Sparkle and shine

Emma Yardley shares her picks for the perfect Valentine's Day outfit

INTERIOR STYLE: Sheri Peterson

Submerge and relax in the most luxurious and popular tubs

  • Jan 23, 2014

Fashion: Feeling Patriotic with CMFR Canada

Emma Yardley uncovers the coolest coat

Fashion: Time to Get Hyba

Emma Yardley finds the missing link in active style