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Out of the Fire

New book explores west coast metalworkers

  • Apr. 8, 2022 7:30 a.m.

Artists and artisans who work with metal are a diverse and creative group whose work can range from contemporary décor to whimsical art.

A new art book that’s being released this month features 24 west coast artists and craftspeople who work with metal.

Out of the Fire: Metalworkers along the Salish Sea (Heritage House, $39.95) includes interviews with the artists by award-winning journalist Pirjo Raits, and stunning photography by Dale Roth and Michele Ramburg.

“The featured artists in Out of the Fire include sculptors and farriers, forgers and blacksmiths, jewellers and coppersmiths, weapons makers and welders,”says Raits.

Out of the Fire provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in metal art and view these artists’ work.

The Greater Victoria area is home to several artists featured in the book, including Gregory Kozak in Oak Bay, Bev Petow and Trinita Waller in East Sooke, Ryan Fogerty and Jake James in Metchosin, and Karen Lancey in North Saanich. These craftspeople reflect the amazing depth and breadth of talent found in this region.

“Metalworkers often go unrecognized as they hammer and pound away in dark workshops and forges,” explains Raits.“Unless they gain a following through exhibitions and markets, their work is rarely seen—or appreciated—by the public. It is our hope that all the metalworkers featured in this book will gain greater exposure from their inclusion, exposing their work, spirit and commitment to new audiences.”

Author Pirjo Raits and photographer Dale Roth will be holding a launch at Bolen Books on April 30 with several local metal artists in attendance and with their striking work on display. More information can be found at