Georgia Nicols Horoscopes March 3 – 9, 2013

We’re striving to make practical improvements, renovations and major changes in our lives. Changes for the better.

  • Mar. 1, 2013 5:00 p.m.

All Signs: This week Saturn and Pluto are doing a dance that started on Dec. 26 and will end on Sept. 21. But get this: Saturn is in Scorpio and Scorpio is the sign that Pluto rules. Meanwhile, Pluto is in Capricorn, and Capricorn is the sign that Saturn rules. Holy switcheroo! Each planet is in each other’s sign! This happened in1942-43, 1952-53, 1976-77, 1989-90 and now in 2012-13. Clearly, this dance means we’re striving to make practical improvements, renovations and major changes in our lives. Changes for the better. We’re taking a systematic approach to improve our health, our home, our job, our relationships – something! And since there’s always room for improvement, what could be better than a disciplined approach? (Personally, I can’t say I am of this ilk. I live my life like I type: fast with lots of miztakes.)

Aries March 21-April 19

At this stage in your life, you’re trying very hard to make the best use of the resources of others and any help that is available to you. You don’t want to blow it. You know that whatever help extended to you now can actually change your life direction, hopefully for the better. Right now, so much is going on behind the scenes (including secret love affairs). This means in a way you’re just biding your time. You’re waiting. But you know that eventually, with the help of others, you’re going to achieve what you really want and be who you really want to be. Smokin’!

Taurus April 20-May 20

Right now you want to have the kind of partner who will benefit you and be a helpful resource in your life. This doesn’t mean you’re using them (or in a way, yes, you are). And they will use you. Why? Because partnerships are practical and mutually beneficial, not just hot sex. (Although dessert is always nice after a meal.) This Pluto-Capricorn dance will help you to improve your partnerships to the best of your ability and if you’ve tried everything you can, then your only recourse is to step back and let them go. But first, you’re going to try your hardest. That’s all you can do.

Gemini  May 21-June 20

Although this is a popular time and you’re out there schmoozing with everyone, your steely focus is on your job. (And also your health.) You’re contemplating a five-point plan to get healthier and also get the support and resources that you want in your work. You want others to come across. You want them to cough up the goods that can help you do what it is you want to do. This is not an unrealistic expectation. Au contraire! It’s quite reasonable because, with lucky Jupiter in your sign right now, favourable winds are blowing your way. Ah yes, very soon. We’re talking money as well. (How sweet it is.)

Cancer June 21-July 22

You’re keen to expand your world; in fact, many are travelling. But in the bigger picture, (yes, we’re talking about the Saturn-Pluto dance) you want to know what is the most effective way — in terms of wisdom, compassion and practical support — that you can deal with your kids or younger people in your sphere. You will always be a nurturer; that’s who you are. To nurture is to be compassionate. But compassion must have intelligence, almost by definition. So how can you be the best you can be relating to others who rely on you for their emotional and practical support? And, of course, the next obvious question is – who’s supporting you?  (Fortunately, what goes around comes around.)

Leo July 23-Aug 22

You’re hell-bent for leather renovating, repairing and fixing up your home. Not only are you completing and finishing things right now, you are improving them immensely! And while this might be a drag or drudgery in some ways, aren’t you going to be so happy with the results? Of course! On a more subtle level, many of you can also improve and hone family relationships for the better. This is all basic stuff but necessary. When things are flowing smoothly on your home turf, you can jump on your trusty steed and gallop forward to conquer the world. (But first, a little nosh.)?

Virgo Aug 23-Sept 22

Five planets are opposing you now. Five! Naturally, this means you are focused on friendships and close partnerships. Venus is smoothing the way but Mars makes you irritated. Two steps forward, one step back. Some of this is related to the big dance that is going on now with Saturn and Pluto. Saturn is prepping you for some changes in the near future, perhaps a residential move or a job change. But these external changes simply reflect internal changes that are more about your style of communicating with everyone in your daily life. Now that – that’s a major change. People listen to how you talk and they think that’s who you are.

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You’ve been thinking a lot about cash flow, money and your earnings, haven’t you? (Money is so handy when you want to buy things.) What’s interesting now is this dance between Saturn and Pluto looks like it might bring you a new income stream. You might find a new job or new ways of earning money. Something is undergoing a revolution and you are adopting a new attitude to what you own, what you earn, and how you want to make all that work for you, not against you. And you can do this! Lucky Jupiter is climbing higher in your chart and soon will be at the top, bringing you opportunities you haven’t experienced for more than a decade. Get ready.

Scorpio Oct 23-Nov 21

Well, you’re in the game. Saturn is in Scorpio and your ruler Pluto is in Capricorn (the sign that Saturn rules). Yes, it does sound like confusing gobbledygook. But when these two planets are in each other’s sign, it means they are helping each other and magnifying the influence of each other. It’s easier for each of them to go to work. In your case, you’re on a major kick to improve your health, your appearance, your image in the world and your style of relating to others. No more Mr. Halfway, we’re talking the whole enchilada. Get down on the floor and give me 50. Look at those biceps and that six-pack!

Sagittarius Nov 22- Dec 21

Your focus on home, family and your personal life continues with redecorating ideas and pending major renovations. But the hit tune for your sign is, “I Can Leave Home but Can I Leave it All Behind?” You’re entering a time where you will dismantle much of what you created since around 2001. This means you have to lighten your load. Fortunately, this Saturn-Pluto dance will help you do this ever so skillfully. (Mom always liked you best.) The bottom line is: What do you grab when the house is on fire? Or to put it another way: What really matters? Which reminds me of another song, “Ya take what ya need and ya leave the rest, but they never should’ve taken the very best.

Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 19

Like Scorpio, you’re part of this equation because your ruler Saturn is in Scorpio, while Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) is in your sign of Capricorn. A beautiful seesaw working to everyone’s benefit! Accept the help of others, especially from groups. (This can be humbling.) But no man is an island, not even a Peninsula. We all depend on each other. With the help of others, you will find that you can modify your future goals so that it will be easier to achieve your hopes and dreams for the future. Even a retreat can be in advance if your objective swings by 180 degrees. Continue your busy pace with short trips, talking to everyone and reading and writing a lot because you’ve got something to say. “Now hear this!”

Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18

Your finances have your attention, which is why you’re working so hard to earn money, and also why you’re spending it on treasures for yourself and loved ones. You feel you deserve it and, in truth, you do. After all, this is your time of harvest when all the seeds you planted since 2005 are ripening. For most, this is a time of promotions, kudos, congratulations and successful completions. But it’s not over till the fat lady sings. What can you do to refine your achievements so they are even more spectacular? You’re on top of your game and you deserve the vacations, romantic escapades and fun diversions that you’re giving yourself. It’s all good.

Pisces Feb 19-March 20

With five planets in your sign, you’ve got a basketball team going! Actually this is an extremely empowering time for you. You look good, you feel good and with the exception of Mercury retrograde in your sign causing snafus, you’re doing whatever you can to learn more about whatever you need to know so that you’re “ready.” Ready for what? Hey, you know. You need to be ready for the big time in about three years because that’s when major opportunities open up as you enter a window where your cherished dreams can come true. Your success then will depend upon how well you prepare now. That’s always how it works.