Georgia Nicols Horoscopes June 3 – 9, 2012

we have the entire month of June to buy vehicles, open new businesses and start new adventures. Mercury retrograde is over on Aug. 8

  • May. 31, 2012 12:00 p.m.

All Signs: Mercury will start to slow down at the beginning of July (finally going retrograde) on the 14th. But lucky for us, forewarned is forearmed! Information is power. Now that we know this, we have the entire month of June to buy cars, trucks and motorcycles, open new businesses and start new adventures. Mercury retrograde is over on Aug. 8th; however, Mercury will not catch up to its original position (and be truly going forward) until Aug. 22. That’s the long-range forecast, hot off the press. (But hark! What mail from yonder modem breaks?)


Aries March 21-April 19

Grab every opportunity to take a short trip, be chummy with neighbours, siblings and relatives, tackle your To-Do list of errands and grapple with reading and writing, which so engrosses you. Yes! You’re busy! (But it’s fun busy and you like it.) Schmoozing is delightful because Venus makes you diplomatic and charming right now. And yet, on top of this, you’re working hard at your job as well as getting better organized in your personal life. Bravo! You’re even on a health kick. It appears you have lots of reasons to give yourself a pat on the back. No wonder a lovely career peak promises much in 2018.


Taurus April 20-May 20

Your money-making ideas are sound now, so don’t hesitate to explore them. Even your purchases look delightful, especially those related to art and beautiful things. However, at a deeper level, you’re searching for something more than just money and treasures. What you really want to discover is what matters, because you don’t want to put your money on the wrong horse and regret it when it’s too late. It’s important to define your values because if you have the ability to attract what you want (which you do right now), wouldn’t it be smart to know what it is you want?  If you give thought to the car you drive or the clothes you wear, why not give thought to what matters most to you in life?


Gemini May 21-June 20

Your future’s so bright you’re gonna need shades. Fair Venus has been in your sign since April – so unusual! (It’s normally there for three weeks once a year.) And it will stay until August, making you charming and boosting your social scene. (I repeat: Shop for wardrobe goodies.) And now the Sun is in your sign, giving you a chance to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. In about a week, lucky Jupiter returns to your sign for the first time since 2001 to stay until the summer of 2013, magnifying your good fortune and attracting favourable circumstances and important people to you. All these opportunities guarantee that you’ll be working hard at something you like in about a year ’cause you’re on a roll!


Cancer June 21-July 22

This is a time of preparation because your birthday is about three weeks away. Since this marks the beginning of your “personal” year, why not prepare for it? If you clearly define some goals, the odds that they will become a reality hugely increase. If you know your goals it is easier to do or go after what you want and, secondly, when you know where you’re headed, it’s easier to make choices. Take a moment to think about how you’re doing at the art of living. What do you want in your new “personal” year? It’s curious how we make plans for sport events, parties, business and family occasions, and yet we rarely plan our future. (Even though the future is where you’re going to spend the rest of your life!) Sheesh.


Leo July 23-Aug 22

In astrology, there’s something called a “sextile.” (And yes, it can be sexy.) Essentially, it describes when planets are 60° apart and it’s considered to be highly beneficial. (It has a sort of Venusian influence.) This fantastic Gemini hit that is embracing the world is sextile to your sign. (Surely you didn’t think you would miss out on all this good stuff?) So you’re in for a fabulous year ahead. In particular, it will boost your popularity, attract all kinds of people into your life, and help you make your hopes and dreams a reality. Yeah, yeah, it’s a bit like the tooth fairy, which, of course, you know is your Mom. (But how does she get into the other kid’s houses?)


Virgo Aug 23-Sept 22

This is the only time all year when the Sun moves across the top of your chart acting like a spotlight on you. This is why others now notice you more than usual, especially authority figures. And because this lighting is flattering to you, these authority figures will ask you to take on increased responsibilities. (You look so competent to them.) Don’t worry. Just say yes. You don’t have to be a rocket-scientist to fill the bill. This special “lighting” will dazzle them and you’ll come out smelling like a rose. And hey, with Mars still in your sign (foreeeeever) you have the energy, drive, guts and determination to do anything. I say, grab the baton and run with it!


Libra Sept 23-Oct 22

You want to explore the world because you need to blow this pop stand. You need to grab every chance to travel or learn something new from people from other backgrounds and countries. You’re hungry for something stimulating and exciting. Incidentally, you should know now is the perfect time to explore opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine, the law and higher education. (These areas are blessed for you.) But do travel! Meanwhile, romance with someone more educated or more experienced might rev your engines. What you are hungry for is something to expand your world and juice your life.


Scorpio Oct 23-Nov 21

This is a fortunate time for you in terms of benefiting from the wealth of others. It’s an excellent time to ask for a loan or get a mortgage or a line of credit or establish a better situation regarding debt because, whatever the result, it will probably benefit you. Many of you will receive an inheritance or money back from the government. You might also benefit indirectly through your partner or a third party. Essentially, you can get money, gifts, assets and favours through others this month and in the coming year. Therefore, take a look at these things and get your ducks in a row. If there’s something you want, this could be how you will get it. Meanwhile, romance swoons dizzily along!


Sagittarius Nov 22-Dec 21

Many planets now make you focus on partnerships and close friendships. (This focus is stronger than perhaps ever before in your life.) It’s a beneficial influence and can prompt you to become seriously involved in a committed relationship, especially with someone older, richer or more experienced. It could also mean existing friendships and partnerships will become enriched and more meaningful. Naturally, this is an excellent month (and, for that matter, the year ahead) to enter into professional partnerships. It’s a good time to consult experts and people who can help you simply because others CAN help you. (Nevertheless, marriage will continue to be the main cause for divorce.)


Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 19

Keep in mind you have a big chance this month (and for the coming year) to improve your job. You can get a better job, or better duties, or get rid of your evil boss (legally). Possibly, it means you’ll put a new spin on your job or develop a different attitude to it. The upshot is something will change so that you feel greater fulfillment and happiness and a sense of accomplishment from your work. In the same way, you can beautifully improve your health in the coming year. Traditionally, you are a long-lived sign who looks young when you are old. Think of what you can do now to improve your health. Meanwhile, a work-related romance might begin for some, which is always a boost to mental health!


Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18

This continues to be a playful, romantic time for your sign. Lucky Aquarians will take a vacation this month. Many of you will explore opportunities to express your creativity because you’re alive with the desire to do your own thing. Playful activities with children will also delight. (In fact, your ability to deal with children is excellent now.) Naturally, romance is beautifully blessed because it’s another fun diversion, which is where it’s at for you right now. You feel confident about who you are, with no need to pretend to be anybody you aren’t. Because you have a playful, fun-loving year to look forward to, start to alphabetize your blessings. The gods are smiling on you!


Pisces Feb 19-March 20

You’re pleased that things at home are smoothing out and becoming more enjoyable, more pleasant and happier for everyone in the family. Many of you are redecorating and enjoying your home more, or you’re enjoying your home more because family relationships are more loving and mutually generous. All this is happening because a fortunate blessing exists very strongly this month and, in fact, will linger for the next year in the part of your chart that’s related to home, family and real estate. All these areas will beautifully improve! In fact, you are looking at the best year ahead for real-estate opportunities that you’ve had since 2001. Sweeeet!