Georgia Nicols Horoscopes Jan. 13 – 19, 2013

The whole world is having an Aquarian Fest. (Don’t leave home without your petition.)

  • Jan. 11, 2013 1:00 p.m.

All Signs: This week the Sun and Mercury join Mars in the sign of Aquarius, which means the whole world is having an Aquarian Fest. (Don’t leave home without your petition.) Aquarius is a sign of friendship and the gathering together of like minds to make the world a better place. Because Aquarius is the impulse behind Green Peace, Amnesty International and labour unions, let’s hope we will get closer to consensus in warring politics and an appreciation for the fragility of this planet and respect for its care. (After all, others might want to use it later.) Of course, we have practical concerns, too. “If friendship is the bread of life, then money is the honey.”


Aries March 21-April 19

This emphasis on Aquarius energizes your social scene. Many of you will be involved in group sports, classes or activities with others. You might even be in competition with someone. In the coming weeks, your interaction with younger people will increase and you will feel younger and more energized by the exchange of ideas and energy. This is the best time of the year for you to think of your long-range goals and how you can make your hopes and dreams for the future a reality. Talk to others about these dreams. There is a good chance that their feedback will help you either directly or indirectly, perhaps by introducing you to someone who will help you.


Taurus April 20-May 20

This is the only time of the year when the Sun is at the top of your chart acting like a spotlight on you. This is why bosses, parents and people in authority notice you more. (This also includes the police.) However, the next six weeks are promising because this light flatters you. People will approach you with offers and positive prospects. Don’t hesitate to say yes because you don’t have to do anything special to succeed. The lighting will do its magic. They think you’re great! (So milk this for all it’s worth.) Make your pitch. Ask for a raise or promotion. Start to strategize your life direction. Meanwhile, travel for pleasure and flirtations with someone from another culture might turn you on.


Gemini  May 21-June 20

For the next six weeks, you’re restless and hungry for a change of scenery. Travel if you can but if you can’t, then be a tourist in your own city. Look around you. Visit places you’ve never been before. Take courses or “travel” through film. Talk to people from different countries. Sign up for a language course. An Italian lover could be a great shortcut. (Remember Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda?) Meanwhile, gifts, goodies and favours from others will come your way. Yes! The very thing to help you take a short trip. Romance sizzles because you want to express your affection in physical ways. (Still got your Zorro cape?)


Cancer June 21-July 22

Something will prompt you to do some soul-searching in the month ahead. In fact, you might even undergo a psychological transformation. This could be triggered by someone else challenging your values or by someone who is thought-provoking. Whatever the cause, you feel a passionate desire to experience life at a deeper level. You don’t want to be outside pressing your nose against the window, you want to be part of the circus! Some of you will also want to become a better person. On a more casual note, your sex drive will be amped. This can apply to anyone because after all, as Woody Allen said, “I’m the best I ever had.”


Leo July 23-Aug 22

Aquarius is 180° opposite your sign, which means this gaggle of planet in Aquarius now sits opposite you calling your attention to partnerships and close friendships. That’s why partnerships will be a big deal. Since fiery Mars is one of those planets, partnerships will also be feisty and contentious. (You’ll be annoyed with your main squeeze.) However, this position of the Sun is now as far away from you as it gets all year – and because the Sun is your source of energy, you will be tired. You definitely need more sleep in the next month to six weeks. That’s why you’re dragging your heels. (Go to bed with a good book, or a friend who’s read one.)!


Virgo Aug 23-Sept 22

This concentration of planets in one sign will make you work in the next six weeks. We’re talking focused, energized work with the expectation of excellent results. You want your life to run efficiently so that you can be effective and productive. You have standards! Since you’re on this improvement kick, naturally it will apply to your health. Many of you will go on a diet, get more exercise or do whatever you can do be more perfect. Yes, “perfect” is the byword. That’s what we’re aiming for. (Why try for less?) You will even delegate to others because Mars likes to give orders. “Move that mountain.” “Build that bridge.” “Bring me a piña colada.” (Fruit drinks are healthy.)


Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You have a fabulous, fun-filled six weeks ahead! (I wanna be a Libra.) The bottom line is you want to have fun. Get out and have a good time! Movies, the arts, the theatre, sports events and playful times with children will be sources of pleasure and delight. Romance and love affairs beckon; saucy flirtations will titillate; the only downside being you don’t want to work. Self-discipline is mush. Obviously, this is the perfect time for a vacation. However, since you also want to express your creativity, this can be a productive time for writers, dancers, artists, weavers, sculptors, photographers and anyone involved in the process of creating something. Enjoy!


Scorpio Oct 23-Nov 21

Home, family and your private world are your primary focus in the next six weeks. You might want to cocoon at home, or you might be busy with renovations and home improvements, or you might be involved with a parent more than usual. Or all of the above. You definitely want to withdraw a bit because childhood memories are bubbling to the surface of your mind. Fiery Mars could create tension with family members. You are more powerful than you know (this is the case with all Scorpios), so be gentle and tolerant. Step back a bit. If one person in the family does this it affects everyone, just as the flipside – when one person is angry – it affects everyone. You will discover love in your daily environment. (Gosh.)



Nov 22- Dec 21

Your daily pace will accelerate in the next six weeks with a jam-packed schedule of short trips, errands, conversations with everyone plus increased reading, writing and studying. If you write, sell, teach or market for a living you will be unusually vigorous and competitive. This is because you identify with your beliefs and will be quick to defend your opinions. Be careful about coercing others to agree with you. Lighten up. Nevertheless, your powers of persuasion are strong. Use these powers wisely but at least, use them! (You can sell anyone the Brooklyn Bridge because you dazzle others with your words.)


Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 19

With fair Venus in your sign now, the next few weeks are the perfect time to shop for wardrobe goodies. This is because you feel good about yourself. You feel charming and attractive and you like what you see in the mirror. That’s the frame of mind to be in when you shop for clothes. Meanwhile, a handful of planets will highlight earnings, cash flow and financial matters. You’re dreaming up ways to boost your income or make money on the side. But this same high-energy will activate your spending as well. The cash is flowing in both directions. Guard against disputes with others about something you own or something you want to own. “That’s mine!”


Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18

It’s all about you, dear Aquarius. The Sun, Mercury and Mars are in your sign now for the next month boosting your energy and attracting people and favourable circumstances to you. Mercury makes you want to communicate. You have something you want to say and you intend to say it. And Mars rules aggression and your muscles and even your sexual energy. This means that at every level of your being you will be turned on this month. You won’t hesitate to defend your rights and the rights of others. Mars is in your sign once every two years, so do make the most of this. It’s your chance to show the world would you can do.


Pisces Feb 19-March 20

The month ahead is a very popular time for you where you will so enjoy the company of others that a friend could become a lover. Expect to meet artistic, talented people in the next few weeks. However, you will be inclined to withdraw from society in the next month not because you are despondent but because you feel the need to seek out some quiet time so that you can refresh, re-energize and restore yourself. Your year is coming to an end as your birthday approaches, which means your new year will begin in about a month. How do you want your new year to be different from your last year? What do you want to change? What do you want to improve? What do you want to avoid?