Georgia Nicols Horoscopes Dec. 9-15, 2012

Each New Moon is a great opportunity to make resolutions

  • Dec. 5, 2012 5:00 p.m.

Each New Moon is a great opportunity to make resolutions

All Signs: The most significant astrological event this week is the New Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday the 13th. The influence of the Moon is real. The Moon is so close we’ve actually been there. We feel its gravitational pull. Therefore, each New Moon is a great opportunity to make resolutions. It’s a more auspicious time to make resolutions than January 1, which is simply an arbitrary date agreed on by the committee that created the Gregorian calendar. (After Julius Caesar modified the calendar in 46 BC he was murdered, which shows you that some people are very time-sensitive.)


Aries March 21-April 19

The New Moon this week (Thursday/Friday) is the perfect time to think about what further training you might get to improve your job. Or perhaps it might be further education that would enhance and enrich your life. Sometimes education can come through travel, talking to others, especially people from different backgrounds and other countries, or even watching film and movies. There are many ways to broaden your experience of life, but the bottom line is you must look for methods to stretch, grow and learn. If you’re not doing this, you’re just dying on the vine. Not your style! You want to be jet fresh and vacuum packed. (I ate the last Mango in Paris.)


Taurus April 20-May 20

You’re never casual about money. (Some of you can practically mint the stuff.) The Full Moon this week (Thursday/Friday) is the perfect time to set clearly defined intentions about the best use of the wealth and resources of others and how to reduce your debt. Your money, assets and wealth are tied up with banks, mortgages, credit cards, inheritances, insurance matters or the actual earnings of others as well as jointly- owned property and possessions. What can you do to improve this picture for you? Obviously, affirming your intent to completely erase your debt is a major consideration. (Yes!) But you might also need to redefine your relationship with shared property.


Gemini May 21-June 20

The New Moon this week is the only New Moon opposite your sign all year. This means you’ll be focused on partnerships and close friendships. You’re a very social sign and relationships are important to you. (You hate to be ignored.) Give this serious consideration. What can you do to improve your style (hence, the relationship itself) of relating to others? Or perchance are you perfect? (Come on, none of us are.) In fact, we attract the people to us who affirm our core beliefs about relationships. If you believe that a relationship is always going to cost you, then you will attract takers. How would you finish the sentence, “Every time I’m in a relationship ___.”


Cancer June 21-July 22

Your focus this week is on employment and health. The New Moon on Thursday/Friday is the best time all year to make resolutions about how you can improve your job, get a better job or change your attitude to your job. Give this serious thought. It applies not only to a paying job but also to the daily tasks you approach every day, so this includes people who are not wage slaves. Similarly, this is the best week of the year to make resolutions about improving your health, which can be a twofold approach: Stopping doing something that is harmful, and starting doing something that is beneficial.


Leo July 23-Aug 22

The New Moon this week is in your “home” in your chart. And the home of Leo is the realm of play, fun, pleasure, romance, love affairs, vacations, the entertainment world, the arts, show business, the hospitality industry – and let us not forget – sports. All the fun stuff! This particular New Moon challenges you to acknowledge the balance you have between work and play. We are a work-oriented society. How often do you express your creativity by drawing, singing, dancing, writing, sculpting, carving, taking photographs, whatever? When you do these things, they energize you! At best, most take time out for social diversions, movies and sports. How can you expand your creative expression? Think also about enjoying playful times with children.


Virgo Aug 23-Sept 22

Home and family are your primary focus now, especially with the New Moon on Thursday/Friday. This New Moon offers you a once-a-year opportunity to set intentions about how to improve where you live and make your home more welcoming to yourself and others. You can also improve relationships with family members. Because the Moon symbolizes female relationships in particular, you will be giving more thought than usual to your relationship with your mother (past, present and future) whether she is alive or not. Does your relationship with your mother colour your relationships with other women? (I wonder what Siggy Freud had to say about that?)


Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

This is a busy time and the New Moon on Thursday/Friday urges you to think about how you handle your busy-ness. How do you relate to daily contacts: your bus driver, the cashier in your grocery store, the security guard in your building? On a more familiar level, how do you relate to siblings, relatives and neighbours? Because these relationships are frequent, they affect you whether you’re aware of this or not. If you are sunny, upbeat, friendly and outgoing to these people, that is how they will respond to you. This means, on a daily basis, you’ll encounter people who are sunny, upbeat, friendly and outgoing. What a difference! What’s your communication style like? (Basically, communication is energy and generosity.)


Scorpio Oct 23-Nov 21

This week four planets highlight your money scene, including the New Moon on Thursday/Friday. This is the best time all year to clearly set intentions about how you can earn money on the side or get a better job or boost your current earnings. But this focus on your cash flow is not just about earnings, it’s also about how you handle your money. Do you get the most bang for your buck? How do you relate to what you own? Do you own your possessions or do they own you? Your attitude to something affects how it manifests in your life. Do you respect the power of money, which is really just energy to get things done?


Sagittarius Nov 22- Dec 21

The only New Moon in your sign all year occurs this week. (Basically, its energy lasts about 48 hours and during that time (Thursday/Friday) you can make resolutions to improve your life.) Because this New Moon is in your sign, your resolutions will be personal. Think about how to improve your appearance. (Take a realistic look in the mirror.) You can also think about how to improve your relationships with others and your style of relating to the world in general. What you put out into the world is what bounces back to you. If you create the impression of being well-groomed, confident, friendly and kind, then this is (for the most part) the world that will be reflected back to you. Connect the dots.

Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 19

You have lots of energy because Mars in your sign makes you aggressive, confident, decisive and physically energetic. Plus wonderful opportunities to improve your job and relations with co-workers exist. However, this week, the New Moon is taking place in a hidden part of your chart. Its influence is subtle but there. Essentially, in this 48-hour window on Thursday/Friday when the New Moon occurs, it will benefit you to take a moment to think about what principles guide you. Where are your ethical boundaries? What rules do you live by so that you have self-respect and you like what you see in the mirror every morning? If you know what these rules are, you’ll be stronger and more in control of your life.


Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18

Listen up. (This happens only once a year, so do take advantage of it.) The New Moon occurring this week on Thursday/Friday is in the part of your chart related to goal setting. How ironic. And how fortuitous! Why? Because the best way to use the energy of any New Moon is to make resolutions about how to improve your life, and these are certainly small, ongoing goals. Basically, the goals you will focus on right now will pertain to your relationships with groups, clubs and organizations. You can also make resolutions about your relationships with friends. Can you be a better friend to others? If you were your own friend, how would you rate your friendship? Would you want someone like you for a friend?


Pisces Feb 19-March 20

This week, the only New Moon taking place at the top of your chart all year is occurring. This means it’s your best chance all year to make resolutions about how you relate to authority figures. For starters, what is your style? How do you view authority? (Parents, bosses, teachers and the police.) You will always have authority figures in your life – factoid. Think how you would be if you were in a position of authority and others had to relate to you. It’s really just a job. That person is just another human like you (albeit, possibly, a jerk). If you respect the authority that others have, you will make your life easier and they will be more likely to respect you because respect is a two-way street.