Georgia Nicols Horoscopes April 5 – 11, 2012

This will be a memorable year for Geminis. It doesn’t get any better than this! (Well, it might, but I like saying that.)

  • Apr. 5, 2012 7:00 p.m.

All Signs: According to astronomy, “A transit of Venus occurs when Venus passes directly between the Sun and Earth. This alignment is rare, coming in pairs that are eight years apart but separated by more than a century. The most recent transit of Venus was in 2004. After the June 2012 transit of Venus, the next such alignment occurs in 2117.”  (Not again in our lifetime!) Well, that explains a lot. Normally, Venus travels through a sign for about three weeks. But in 2004, Venus was in Gemini from April until August and now, once again, Venus will be in Gemini from April to August. That’s 18 weeks! It’s true, the heavens are amazing. Did you know the Sun is so colossal that it contains 99.9 per cent of the total mass of the solar system? (Well, hey, I figure if that’s the case, why bother counting calories? I’m done with that, I mean – hello?.

Aries March 21-April 19

This long Venus transit could be similar to whatever happened in the summer of 2004. It’s cha-cha time! Your everyday social life will pick up in a lovely, pleasant way. You’ll have fun talking and schmoozing with neighbours, siblings and relatives. Short trips will delight. And while all this lovely busy-ness prevails, you’ll start to notice how much love there is in your everyday world. (Gosh.) You’ll more easily express affection to others. You’ll definitely appreciate the beauty of your daily surroundings. What a gorgeous summer awaits! Romance with a neighbour or “relative” could percolate. (Hey, we’re not talking Deliverance. We’re talking blended families.)

Taurus April 20-May 20

“Show me the money!” This unusually long transit of Venus, the last to occur in more than a hundred years, will attract money and material possessions to you. Ka-ching! From now until the autumn, do look for ways to boost your income or find jobs that pay better. But keep in mind that Venus works both ways. Not only will it attract money and assets to you, it will also make you want to spend money on beautiful things, art, gorgeous clothes and elegant furniture. It could bless your investments and make borrowing easier. Some might even strike up work-related romance. And think of the beautiful clothes you will acquire all summer long.

Gemini May 21-June 20

This will be a memorable year for Geminis. For starters, Venus will be in your sign until the autumn (and never again be in your sign that long while you’re alive). Plus, lucky Jupiter enters your sign in June to stay until July 2013. It doesn’t get any better than this! (Well, it might, but I like saying that.) You’ll be so charming and diplomatic, you’ll magnetize others to you. And because you feel so attractive (and you will), it’s the perfect time to shop for wardrobe goodies because you’ll instinctively pick what looks flattering. Naturally, all this good stuff warms partnerships and close friendships. Take vacations! (Venus ranks pleasure above work.) Laugh it up!

Cancer June 21-July 22

This might sound corny but from now until the autumn your interest in spiritual ideas and things you might consider to be touchy-feely will deepen. Quite likely, you’ll experience something personally that triggers this. As a result, you’ll feel more selfless and genuinely be willing to share something or help others. You might say you’ll be more in tune with the rewards one gets from altruistic and humanitarian activities. This could be in a personal sense (with family or your social circle), or it could resonate in a larger way because of your activities that affect others beyond your own sandbox. Sounds like a powerful opportunity to do some good.

Leo July 23-Aug 22

Is this the summer of 2004 again? You can definitely expect to enjoy mucho schmoozing with everyone and be involved in mucho activities with others. Not only will you enjoy the company of others, you’ll feel affectionate with everyone. Even professional organizations and group meetings will benefit and please you. (People think you’re hot. Everyone wants to be on your team.) Friends will become lovers and lovers will become friends. Privately, you’ll find it easy to embrace hoped-for goals. It’s like you’re riding up front with the Little Engine That Could. (“I think I can. I think I can.”) This is why relations with bosses and authority types will improve. They’ll sense your positive attitude and certainly your potential! And this lasts until September!

Virgo Aug 23-Sept 22

Well, it’s time to really sit up and take notice. Two unusual things are happening. One is Mars is in your sign for eight months instead of six weeks (like, Holy Steroids!). And now fair Venus will be sitting at the top of your chart until September. This is rare stuff! A large part of “luck” is knowing opportunity is knocking at your door. You do have to get up and open it. Remember this. You will appear so favourable to others (especially people in authority), they’ll ask for your creative input on office furniture, floral arrangements, design, layout, gardening or the appearance of anything. Plus, romance with someone older, richer, wiser or more established could blossom. Need I say less?

Libra Sept 23-Oct 22

Travel for pleasure will so appeal to you this year! You love beautiful places and beautiful things so you will adore anywhere that has a fantastic, enticing ambience — gorgeous setting sun, balcony table, cobblestone streets and a little vino. (Good conversation is a must.) Romance with someone from another culture will blossom for many of you. Or perhaps this person is just “different.” Explore art: buying it, learning more about it, or creating it. You’ll be attracted to ideas that are consciousness-raising. You might also explore opportunities in publishing, medicine, the law and higher education. A very rewarding five months ahead awaits you. Start to dress for it. (You like to look pulled together.)

Scorpio Oct 23-Nov 21

Good news! (I say this because many of you enjoy recreational sex.) The next five months will not only stimulate all your love relationships in terms of intensity, but will also sweeten them with fond affection. (Aw, gee.) New relationships that begin this summer will be hot! (Definitely memorable.) In addition, this summer will attract money to you or your partner. In fact, not only money, but gifts, goodies, favours, perks and opportunities to benefit from the wealth and resources of others. Yee-haw! (“We get the cabin again!”) Obviously, this same period is the perfect time to ask for loans or mortgages as well as settling disputed issues about shared property, inheritances and insurance. Lucky you!

Sagittarius Nov 22-Dec 21

Life bodes well for you for the next five months with fair Venus opposite your sign. This will hugely sweeten relations with others, especially important partnerships, intimate or professional. New friends and relationships will be attracted to you. The only downside this summer is you likely won’t feel like working. (“I want to par-tay!”) You’ll be constantly amorous, ready for fun and possibly lacking in discrimination. (“Moi?” “Yes, you.”) Naturally, this will be a fabulous summer for love affairs and indeed all relationships (even smoothing troubled waters with enemies). New love could be knocking at your door! (“How did you get my address?”)

Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 19

How fitting that at this time, when you’re really attaining a sense of power and a sense of who you are and what is working in your life and what is not – that at this time, for the next five months, relations with your job and the people you work with will improve beautifully. Yay! It will be easy to get along with bosses, employees, co-workers, customers and clients because this is an excellent time to discuss agreements and working relationships. Not only will you get praise from others, you might even get a raise. This is also an excellent time for your health, although overindulgence in sweets will be a temptation. (Maybe you can make it a tax-deductible experience?)

Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18

Well, we knew (didn’t we?) that your home life was going to improve beautifully. In large measure, this is going to happen simply because you’re happy and you’re having fun! But this unusually long sojourn of Venus (see All Signs above) will also encourage opportunities for fun, entertainment and having a good time. It’s just that simple. Romance, love affairs, improved relations with kids plus sports activities and vacations will all be thrilling and exciting. Many of you will get in touch with your creative side. You’ll love the Arts, whether it’s Arts and Crafts, concerts, museums or enjoying the creativity of others. Romantic relationships will blossom incredibly! You’ll feel happy in your skin.

Pisces Feb 19-March 20

This unusually long transit of Venus (never to occur again for 105 years) is here to stay, promoting good feelings this summer with family members as well as an increased enjoyment of your home. Many of you will be excited about decorating projects and tweaking your digs to make them more attractive and more appealing to everyone. An increased closeness and warmth of feeling with family members, especially parents, will last for months. Not only can you improve your home, but real-estate opportunities will benefit you as well. (Things will even look better with your daughter who is attending Stiletto High. Who knew?) A great summer ahead!