Delhi 2 Dublin

  • May. 4, 2011 10:00 a.m.

Blending Bhangra and Celtic music, Vancouver’s world music phenomenon, Delhi 2 Dublin is making a stop in Victoria to promote its latest album, Planet: Electrified, which was released in Canada, May 3. The album is a reimagination of the band’s last album, Planet: Electric, and features remixes by many of the group’s favourite producers.

“We love it — it’s amazing to hear tracks we’re so familiar with done in a totally different way. We’re also really happy to be collaborating with some of our heroes — from world electronica legend Gaudi to tropical hipster Poirier to UK-based drum ’n’ bass heads Shiva Soundsystem,” says band member Tarun Nayar.

Catch the show at Sugar Nightclub (858 Yates), Frday, May 6. Tickets (250) 920-9950. M