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West Coast Chicago will take you back in time and leave you smiling

Chicago tribute band will appear at Mary Winspear Centre on Sept. 16
West Coast Chicago pictured playing at Vancouver Art Gallery on Canada Day. (Courtesy West Coast Chicago)

Chicago was a band that placed as much emphasis on horns as guitars and brilliantly combined musical genres to produce an unforgettable sound.

They made their mark on the musical soul of the world for more than two decades and sold more than 100 million albums. Their music was timeless, given that they were producing their sound simultaneously as other legendary musical giants were also making their mark on the world.

But Chicago did it, subtly changing their style when needed and surviving the departure of some members, all on the path to becoming iconic.

Now, thanks to a group of talented musicians and singers, the sound of Chicago is coming to the Mary Winspear Centre.

The group is called West Coast Chicago and they have dedicated themselves to faithfully recreating the sound of the original Chicago. The group relies on no pre-recorded tracks, all the music recreated live. Their sound is complimented by multi-media visual displays that are sure to take the audience on a journey back in time, to the decades when they first heard those classic and unforgettable Chicago tunes.

“There are really only three Chicago tribute bands out there and only one on the West Coast,” said the band’s manager Barry Samuels.

“In part, at least, that’s because the music is insanely complex. It’s a mixture of rock, pop, rhythm and blues, jazz and classical and it’s very challenging to perform. But this band does it flawlessly, and the music they make sounds exactly like what you would hear on your original Chicago recordings.”

That authenticity is appreciated by the group’s audiences as they, almost without exception, receive standing ovations and encores from their crowds.

“The reaction you get from people is unbelievable. They act as though it really is Chicago there on stage,” Samuels said.

West Coast Chicago performs at the Mary Winspear Centre on Sept. 16. Tickets can be found at

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