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Lewis Black rants his way to Victoria

The comedian shares humour in the world’s absurdities Sept. 21 at the Royal Theatre
Lewis Black, winner of best male stand-up at the American Comedy Awards and two Grammy Awards, performs Sept. 21 at the Royal Theatre. (Courtesy Lewis Black)

Lewis Black is a finger-pointing, loud-voiced comedian who isn’t afraid to yell and has the sort of comedic brilliance that evokes laughter at life’s hypocrisies.

The actor, writer and playwright’s ranting started in 1996 when he came up with a weekly segment for The Daily Show. His short rants about a series of disparate topics evolved into Back in Black, one of the most popular and longest-running segments on the show.

Black said that from a very young age, his parents always encouraged him to question authority and that it’s an approach to life that has inspired his career.

And where do the ideas for his rants come from?

In the past, he’s said his inspiration comes from what irritates him – and that doesn’t have to be something big, it can be as small as pickles. He thinks about it and then gets on stage to talk about it, essentially writing while he’s on stage.

One of the most popular features of Black’s shows happens in the last 20 minutes of his set. It’s during that segment, a segment he calls the “Rant is Due” that Black will answer questions sent to him by fans.

It’s sort of an angry Q and A session and, for some, their favourite part of the show.

Black has released eight comedy albums, sold out two runs on Broadway, and won plenty of awards, including best male stand-up at the American Comedy Awards and two Grammy Awards for The Carnegie Hall Performance and for Stark Raving Black.

Lewis Black’s Off the Rails show happens on Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. at the Royal Theatre. For tickets and more information, visit